The X Factor USA Final 3 Finalists Revealed (Video)

The X Factor USA Final 3 Finalists Revealed

On last night’s Semi-Finals, four became three on The X Factor USA stage. It all came down to America’s votes, with no final showdown for the judges. Is that so because Nicole Scherzinger might’ve voted to save Marcus Canty again?!? We are curious.

Still, it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility that Marcus could have stayed in favor of Chris Rene. However, it came down to the fact that Marcus had already been in the bottom two three times before. When it came between him and front-runner Josh Krajcik, there really wasn’t any competition.


Our remaining X Factor finalists are Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro and Josh Krajcik. We’ve been watching the show since its inception and were just so sure that Astro or Rachel Crow would be in the competition at the very end.

Next week’s Finale should prove to be very interesting as the final three take to the stage one last time to sing for that five million dollar recording contract. Who do you think has the X factor? Who can take home the top prize? Sound off in the comments below and let us know your thoughts!

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  • John McCall

    I don’t see how Chris Rene is still up on the stage. These shows are not base on talent because he should have be voted off a long time ago. There were many people who sang, moved and had better stage presents them Chris Rene. If he wins I will not be watching your show any more!!!!

  • Ejmfire

    Melanie is the best one. If Simon didn’t think so, then why did he travel all that way to Sunrise, Fl to bring her back!!

  • Delalien

    I hope Chris Rene wins. He is ‘original’. Most singers, if trained correctly and a lot of practice, are able to sing other artists songs, but Chris sings his own. Whether he wins or not, he has a career ahead of him and I would buy his records, because they will all be originals. I wish him everything of the best.

  • chickc

    Josh all the way. Most talented musician, unique voice and best original material (which we havent seen on the show yet, but its all over youtube).

    • Neo


  • sridhar

    Josh will better than all because he has unique style to singing. I think he will deserve to win this competition.