The X Factor USA Results Top 7 Double Elimination Live Recap 12/1/11

The X Factor USA Top 7 Double Elimination Recap 12/1/11 - Top 5 Revealed

On last night’s performance episode of The X Factor USA, it was Michael Jackson night. All of the remaining contestants put their own spins on our favorite tunes from the King Of Pop. In attendance, were Michael’s brothers, his children, Paris, Prince and Blanket, along with his mother, Katherine, who is a big fan of the show. [Recap, performance videos]

Here’s who sang what on last night’s show, along with our brief commentary:

Josh Krajcik – Dirty Diana [Overshadowed by overproduction.]
Astro – Black Or White [Good rap, excellent stage presence.]
Drew – Billie Jean [Boring, but great voice. Yawn.]
Rachel Crow – Can You Feel It [Did not feel it.]
Marcus Canty – PYT (Pretty Young Thing) [His vocals were off]
Chris Rene – I’ll Be There [Going home.]
Melanie Amaro – Earth Song [Best performance of the night.]

So, who’s getting eliminated tonight? Our guess is Chris Rene and quite possibly Marcus Canty or Rachel Crow. Even though Josh Krajcik’s performance left a lot to be desired, the man can still sing. One bad night should not exclude him from going through to the top five.

Who are you rooting for tonight? Stay tuned, we’ll be providing our live up-to-minute coverage of the show when the show airs at 8PM EST.

It’s showtime! Over 16 million people voted for last night’s finalists! The top seven are kicking off the show with a tribute to Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror. I love it! Josh and Melanie really are stars! Astro is rapping, nice! Best group performance of the show yet.

Going through the competition:

Chris Rene
Melanie Amaro
Rachel Crow
Josh Krajcik
Marcus Canty

Tinie Tempah is performing his new song, Pass Out.

Between Astro, Marcus Canty and Drew, the act with the lowest amount of votes and will be leaving immediately is Astro! Wow! Now, Drew and Marcus will have to go head-to-head in the final showdown! Steve Jones still cracks me up with his “Off you go, Astro!” Drew is whiny, jeez. Perhaps tonight, she’s going to give us an upbeat performance?

Regarding Astro, he has talent, there is no doubt about that. I just think America fell out of love with him after he demonstrated his attitude. If he would’ve remained grateful, I think he would still be in the competition. I guess Vote For The Worst couldn’t save him this week.

Drew is up first, performing Listen To Your Heart by Roxette. I was hoping for that swift, upbeat ending, but we didn’t get it. Snooze.

Up next is Marcus, singing Neither One Of Us by Gladys Knight. It has feeling and soul, but will it be enough?

So who has been eliminated from tonight’s show???

L.A. Reid is sending Drew home.
Simon Cowell is sending Marcus home.
Nicole Scherzinger is sending Drew home.
Paula Abdul is sending Drew home.

Drew Ryniewicz has been eliminated! Shocking! What do you think of tonight’s elimination?!!!??

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  • thundercat

    yay, ASTRO IS GONE!!!!!!! thank god, that kid needed to go home and grow up!!!!!!!!!!

    • Malaysiafedconstitution

      What do you expect from a 14-year old boy?

    • Miss_shandi

      astro will probably sell more records than the person who wins anyway hes a star

  • WHAT

    Oh…my….GOD! I half expected Astro to go home but DREW?! I’m not her fan or anything but I really felt like she was a strong contender, she would just have her moment later. Why did the girls send Drew home over MARCUS?!

    • Miss_shandi

      They sent Drew home because they wanted someone to entertain them not someone who makes you go to sleep comeon it was obvious week after week BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGG

    • 15atonetime

      Astro while you’re LAUGHING all the way to the BANK which you will be. Look back on this moment. All of your haters were 14-15 at one time probably acted out worst then you, it’s just that they did’nt get caught on TV. The only talent hater have is hateing LoL. Your is PURE.

    • Lorianne A

      jealous she has a unique voice, she will go far,

  • thundercat



      she had an amazing voice, if you were bored with her performance then you should have been cutting your writsts and shooting yourself while marcus performed.

    • Miss_shandi

      yes i was bored to death with Drew too now i can watch real entertainers

  • Lever N

    Go Melanie, True star!!!

  • Startreck88

    The result is not good tonight…the three JUDGES is not FAIR!!! they should VOTE OUT!!! Simon your great keep it up!!!

  • Alicepoi

    Paula should had sent home Marcus so the public would have decided and I’m pretty positive that Drew had more votes !!

  • Iwan787878

    Drew, please never change. Your great the way you are. Simon we love you.

  • Eleenasl

    Not watching x-factor anymore. Marcus/Chris over Drew? pfffftt…

  • Reason

    It’s obvious why drew was sent home. not because of her lack of talent but because of the ****ing STUPID JUDGES (and Simon screwed up too).
    The other 3 judges thought of this as an opportunity to get rid of a strong competitor in the show and decided that this was an appropriate time to get rid of Drew. They took advantage of the opportunity and screwed Drew over. **** the judges!
    Drew > Marcus any day

    • Miss_shandi

      Marcus out ways Drew on talent he can perform and sing she just makes songs boring i hated her killing Billy jean like that home sweet home for her. she back chats the judges and i dont like her goofy smile sorry but i did like her tone in her voice sometimes

  • Info

    Just to see Simon mad as hell was worth it!!!!

  • S Griffin

    I am overly upset. I love you drew

    • Miss_shandi

      im glad drew went she is boring no xfactor there he voice is ok but boring boring boring i dont really think she can go up tempo thats why Simon made all her songs boring

  • Chris

    Wow. I feel sorry for drew and completely blame Simon for that elimination. She should have been top 5. But Josh and Melanie for top 2!

  • Guest

    I’m sad to see astro go home. He’s got some major talent and was unbelievable in his MJ performance!

  • Ojolocofan

    Astro should have left the competiton, no one likes braty kids. Marcus canty, go home and find a true identity instead of just imitating Bob Marley. chris rene, your performence was WEAK. Melanie Amaro, stop screaming while you sing, and rachel cut thaat afro and your performence was not true there was no feelings. the BEST PERFORMANCE of the night was Drews Billie Jean. what is wrong with the judges!? a dead-lock would have surely sent marcus canty home…

  • AJ

    Thought Chris Rene was great last night.  Think Paula and Nicole sent Drew home out of spite. 

  • guest

    the author is an idiot along with everyone else in this thread.  astro went home people people that listen to hip hop do not watch this type of show.  people didn’t fall out of love with him from his attitude.  he was already in the bottom two at that point.  astro was the most talented individual on the show, but due to the demographic of the audience of this type of show he didn’t stand a chance from the start. 

    • name withheld

      Actually….YOUR the idiot. I listen to hip hop, along with my boyfriend, and everyone in the house that I live in.As well as many people I know, who follow the show and listen to hip hop. He is VERY talented, and He deserved to stay on the show the whole way through. I am utterly shocked that 2 of the best contenders went home tonight, over that NO TALENT HAVING guy, Chris Rene. SMH I guess at least now Astro is closer to being signed by one of the many BIG celebrity producer/artists that was following him.

      • A.I.

        racist cow

        • name withheld

          And exactly HOW am I racist?? Lol…if thats the only thing you can say, you dont need to be commenting on this post. 2 of my favorites, one black and one white, went home…so I’m racist how?? And a cow, really? U dont even know what I look like. Dumb ass

  • Jenna

    Good riddance to both Drew and Astro!

  • youlost

    Paula, it was really stab in the back – you had a chance to do the right thing and let America decide who stays in the competition, but expecting you to be a fair person is unfortunately too much to ask. I liked you before and I always made excuses for your behavior, not anymore. Crazy stays always crazy and you are crazy, and you disgraceful yourself again. Shame on you.

    • Lokomai

      I actually feel like you…I like Paula and have always defended her, thought she was a sweetheart. However tonite I was floored by her. The decision was no way based on talent it was based on personalities. It would be one thing I she chose based on personality but it was her / Paulas. I don’t think I will ever see Paula in the same light…I hate to say it but it’s true.

  • wahoo

    That kid needed to go home! Bad attitude and so very vain!!!

  • Lorianne A

    drew a way bettr singer and should have stayed   the women jealous

  • Kamilah

    Happy to see the last of Drew.She was boring me.