The X Factor USA Results Top 9 Double Elimination Live Recap 11/23/11

The X Factor USA Results Top 9 Double Elimination Recap 11/23/11

It was a night of giving thanks on last night’s performance episode of The X Factor USA. Each act presented their songs with dedication and loving feeling toward the person they were thanking. Again, there were some standout performances with some still sticking out in our heads. [Recap, Videos Here.]

They all had touching stories, but only seven will go through to next week’s show. Tonight, nine become seven as the act with the lowest votes will get eliminated immediately. Afterward, the two acts in the bottom two will perform in a head-to-head showdown for the judges to vote. We can speculate that Josh Krajcik and Melanie Amaro will surely be safe from elimination, as their performances really stood out.

Tonight, we find out if America was really fed up with Astro enough to vote him out! If LeRoy Bell ends up being eliminated, it wasn’t because his story wasn’t touching enough. It was. But his version of Angel was just not up to par. If Chris Rene ends up on the chopping block, it could be because no one was feeling his version of Let It Be. His saving grace was that he realized the song wasn’t working and changed it up in the middle.

If Drew Ryniewicz ends up biting it tonight, it will be because she’s always doing the same old tired routine. Her performances are slow and there’s no upbeat tempos — and almost no life. If Lakoda Rayne ends up singing for their supper, it’s because they aren’t polarizing enough to keep in the competition. That would be unfortunate for Paula Abdul, because they’re the only group she’s got left.

Here’s who did what:

Rachel Crow – I Believe by Yolanda Adams
Marcus Canty – A Song For Mama by Boyz II Men
Melanie Amaro – World’s Greatest by R. Kelly
Chris Rene – Let It Be by The Beatles
Lakoda Rayne – You Belong To Me by Taylor Swift
LeRoy Bell – Angel by Sarah McLachlan
Astro – Show Me What You Got by Jay-Z
Drew Ryniewicz – Skyscraper by Demi Lovato
Josh Krajcik – Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones

Predictions: LeRoy Bell will get eliminated first. Afterward, Chris Rene and Lakoda Rayne or Marcus Canty will go head-to-head.

It’s go time! Kelly Clarkson is kicking off the show with her performance of What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger). She’s great! Love this song!

Backstage, the remaining nine acts are nervous! Who’s going home?!? The first results are coming! Bruno Mars is performing….are you excited?

The final nine are performing for the Pepsi Choice song and they’re singing Raise Your Glass by Pink! Great song choice. It’s actually a medley of that and So What.

The act that got the lowest amount of votes is going home immediately. Steve Jones is asking Lakoda Rayne and Drew to join him on the stage. The first act to be eliminated on tonight’s show is Lakoda Rayne!! Are you surprised? Poor Paula Abdul, she doesn’t have any more acts in the competition.

Bruno Mars is performing his newest song, It Will Rain. What a nice, mellow song — and that heart backdrop is awesome.

The remaining eight contestants are taking the stage so that we can find out who is going to perform against each other to stay in the competition.

Going through are:

Chris Rene
Rachel Crow
Josh Krajcik
Melanie Amaro

Marcus Canty and LeRoy Bell are going head to head in the final showdown! Marcus Canty is singing first, performing You Lost Me by Christina Aguilera. LeRoy Bell is taking the stage to perform Don’t Let Me Down by The Beatles.

The judges have to decide who they want to send home…LeRoy gave an awesome performance…. Hard decision.

L.A. Reid voted to send LeRoy Bell home.
Nicole Scherzinger voted to send Marcus Canty home.
Paula Abdul voted to send Marcus Canty home.
Simon Cowell voted to send LeRoy Bell home.

It’s in deadlock! The act with the lowest number of votes who America is sending home is LeRoy Bell! Sad, LeRoy is a cool cat and an excellent singer!

What did you think of tonight’s double elimination? Did the right acts go home? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think!

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