The X Factor USA Season 1 Episode 2 Live Recap 9/22/11

The X Factor Season 1 Episode 2 Live Recap 9/22/11

Last night, the official series premiere for The X Factor USA aired on Fox, from 8-10pm EST. The judges were going through the audition rounds and found some pretty awesome talent. In case you’ve missed the premiere episode, check out our official recap here.

The auditions hit Miami for tonight’s show and we are following the action with you, live!

The show kicked off with Ashley Sansone, singing Piece Of My Heart by Janis Joplin. She sucks! Simon said that he couldn’t understand a word she sang. L.A. said no, Paula also said no, in addition to Simon.

Singing next Chanel Simone Dixon, who was awful. All NOs! Kanan Road sang next and they weren’t that great. The judges passed on the group. Up next is a group called The Dreamgirlz who sang a couple of notes and were cut off by Simon. The judges passed.

Up next is Caitlynne Curtis, singing her version of Firework. She’s a little flat. Nicole said she’s got room to grow. Simon said she should be in a group with other girls her age and he doesn’t think her voice is good enough on its own. She cried and Paula rushed up to the stage to hug her and calm her down.

Nick Voss is up next, singing Trouble by Elvis Presley. The audience loves it! L.A. said he got excited. Nicole said she was confused, but she digs him. Paula said for him to keep being unique. Simon said he absolutely loved him. Four yes answers from the judges.

Singing next is Ashley Deckard, and she’s not that great. She sounds tone deaf and in need of vocal training. L.A. wasn’t fascinating by her singing and all of the judges said no.

Up next is Kevin Martin singing some Bee Gees. The judges said no. Next is Marivana Viscuso and she is terrible. Nicole said yes, as did Paula and the rest of them. Wow, what?!?

Singing next is a group called 2Squared. They got pushed through to the next round. Singing next is Kendra Williams and she is fantastic. Four YES answers! Singing next is Brendan O’Hara, singing a somewhat bluesy tune. He’s good.

Jeremiah Pagan sang next and he’s great. NICE! The judges all loved him. Kudos, he rocked. Singing next is Melanie Amaro and she’s performing Listen by Beyonce. Holy crap, this girl’s got some talent! It’s about time the great singers started rolling in. BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE SHOW. The judges and the audience loved it. Needless to say, she is going to the next round.

The judges are going to Dallas, Texas for the next set of auditions. Singing first is Jonny Rogers and his Bieber hair. He’s singing an original song and he’s dancing around like a robot. L.A. liked his presence, Nicole said she loved the choreography, Paula said she was surprised and Simon said it was like he was a factory in China that produced Justin Bieber dolls, but something went wrong in production. Four NOs from the judges.

Dylan Lawson is singing next, doing some screeching crap which is littered with cuss words. OMG, this is the worst. Wow, he sold his truck to be there?!?!?

Up next is Wesley Kembell singing a song called Shine Down and it’s terrible. Ugh. Singing next is a couple named Michael and Michelle and they are fantastic. Wow, didn’t expect that! They got four NOs, WTF?

Singing next is Curtis Lawson and whatever mouth trick he’s doing is just insane. Paula said it’s like a lawnmower and Nicole said she felt violated. Four NOs.

The next contestant is Dexter Haygood and he’s getting the crowd riled up. He’s singing Sex Machine by James Brown. The crowd is dancing until they got cut off by Simon. He said it was a tribute act. Paula wanted to hear more originality. They told him to sing something else, a capella. He busted out with It’s A Man’s World by James Brown and the audience went crazy. Simon said he took the moment. A yes from L.A., a yes from Nicole, a yes from Paula and a yes from Simon.

Kyle Corr sang next along with Hannah Jackson and both got through. Ma’ta Bingham Shalto was next along with a performance by Austin Simmons. The next act to take the stage is Caitlin Koch singing Stop In The Name Of Love by The Supremes. Great performance! Standing ovation from the audience and judges. Four yes answers from the judges and Simon told her no more rugby.

Xander Alexander is taking the stage next, singing I’ll Be by Edwin McCain. This guy has major attitude! Simon stopped him and they asked for another song. L.A. said he was entertaining, Simon said he liked him. Paula said he’s her hero (she said that twice). Nicole said he has talent and the audience needs to fall in love with him. L.A. said no, Nicole said yes, Paula said no, Simon said that the audience hated him by the end of the audition and he blew it.

Who was your favorite so far?

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