The X Factor USA Live Recap For November 14, 2012

The X Factor USA Live Recap For November 14, 2012

Tonight on FOX is an all new episode of “The X Factor USA”. Per usual, we will be covering the show live at 8PM EST. Of course, if you’ve missed either the performance or elimination episode of the show last week, we have the episodes recapped at the links provided.

Last week, the show said goodbye to Jason Brock after he went head to head with mega-talent Cece Frey. Tonight, it’s Divas Week, so we will get to see what kind of awesome performances each of the competitors pull out of their hats.

Stay tuned for our live recap of the show and let us know who you’re rooting for in the comments!


They’ve just announced that it’s going to be a double elimination on tomorrow night’s show. It’s all about divas like Celine Dion, Tina Turner and Mariah Carey tonight.

Kicking off Diva’s Night is Jennel Garcia from Demi Lovato’s team. She is performing “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner. Nice one. L.A. Reid said “that smoked” and “great job”. Britney Spears said that Tina would be proud because she nailed it. Simon Cowell said that she is back in the game and that’s what we wanted. Demi said she is unbelievably proud of her and she is amazing.

Tate Stevens is up next performing Shania Twain’s song “From This Moment”. He is nailing it! Britney said his performance was amazing. Demi said he is SO good! Simon said that was better than last week because the direction he was given was really good and he did better knowing that he is number one. He would be happy to write him a five million dollar check. L.A. said that Simon could write that check.

Taking the stage next is Diamond White from Britney’s team. She is performing “Halo” by Beyonce. Not a bad song choice, but we’re not sure Diamond’s voice packs the same punch as the diva she’s trying to emulate. L.A. said she picked a tough song and those are really big shoes to fill and she filled them. Demi said she is a total diva in the best way possible and she gives the rest of the competition a run for their money. Simon said don’t walk and sing at the same time, and that they are looking at a future star. Britney said she is so incredibly proud of her and she keeps getting better and better.

Up next is Beatrice Miller taking on Cyndi Lauper’s song “Time After Time”. This is the perfect song choice for her, it’s so heartfelt sounding. L.A. said she is so cute. He asked how it’s possible for a 13-year-old to have that kind of voice. Then, he said it wasn’t the greatest song choice for her. Demi said she is so freakin’ adorable. She liked the song choice and she didn’t know Beatrice could sound so soulful. Simon said it was better than last week and he likes her in the lower register, but the song was boring. Britney said her performance was incredibly soulful and amazing.

From Simon’s groups, taking the stage next is Lyric 145 doing a mix of Queen and Katy Perry. It’s an “We Will Rock You” and “E.T.” mashup! Love it! L.A. said he was confused about who the diva is. He said that was good and better than last week, which he thought was a disaster. He thinks they’ve lost their way. Britney feels they should be doing Hip Hop tracks. Demi said “ET” didn’t fit at all and she didn’t get it. Simon said he did get it and people at home get it. He said they never complained and they bring an energy this show needs.

Up next is Arin Ray, singing “Crazy For You” by Madonna. Not bad! L.A. said he is struggling with that and he digs him. For whatever reason, he wants goosebumps and he didn’t get a $5 million performance. Demi was bored and agrees with L.A. She thinks he lacks soul. Simon said he looked like he hated it. He said it was just not right for him and it sounded a bit boring. Britney disagrees and said it’s one of her favorite Madonna songs and he nailed it.

The next performer on the stage is Paige Thomas, singing “Save The Last Dance”. Interesting song choice. L.A. said she gets a pass because that was her best yet. Britney said it was the best Disco throwback yet. Simon said it was her best performance so far, but the choreography behind her was very distracting. Demi said she nailed it and she is so proud of her.

Up next is Fifth Harmony, singing “Hero” by Mariah Carey. L.A. said there is something really lovable about all of them. They stumbled in the beginning, but it turned into something beautiful. Britney is impressed with them. Demi said their vocals just killed it. Simon said there is a chance that five girls with brilliant voices could win this competition.

Carly Rose Sonenclar is up next performing “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion. This song was basically written for her! Wow! L.A. said they could be looking at the winner. Demi said she is SO good and it doesn’t make sense. She doesn’t believe that it’s her voice and that Celine Dion is there and she’s hiding. Simon said he doesn’t believe she’s a human being because you can’t do that at 13. He said the note at the end was absolutely incredible. Britney said she is proud of her, has chills all over her body and it was spectacular.

Vino Alan is up next singing “Let’s Stay Together” by Tina Turner. It’s a good song choice for him. Britney said his voice is soulful and it works. Demi said he’s got an incredible, soulful voice. She liked it better than last week’s, but she thought it was boring. Simon said his voice is designed for “a moment”. It wasn’t as good as last week and he needs bigger kinds of songs. L.A. said he put his soul into it and sang it so strong. He’s got a classic voice and that song was a great platform for it.

Emblem3 is up next doing their rendition of Alicia Keys’ song “No One”. Great cover. L.A. said they have the perfect vocal blend and it was the perfect song. Britney said she gets why the girls swoon over them. Demi said they are genuinely happy and they have a great energy. Simon said there is no way they should be in seventh place with a performance like that.

Cece Frey is up next, singing “All By Myself” by Celine Dion. I love this version of the song. Go Cece! L.A. said he’s at a loss for words. It’s an improvement and he doesn’t know what to say except for that he hates her dress. Demi said she sang better than Vino. Britney said sorry, she just doesn’t get it. Simon said he likes her because she’s a try-er. He said it was very cabaret with all of the gimmicks, but for whatever reason they are not getting it together. Demi said she nailed it and they are being too hard on her.

Who was your favorite performer of the night? Sound off in the comments below!

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