The X Factor USA TV Recap For October 23, 2012

The X Factor USA TV Recap For October 23, 2012

Tonight at 9:30 PM EST on Fox is an all new episode of “The X Factor USA”. This will be the conclusion of the episode that aired last week, but got butchered by the big wigs over at the network. The final sixteen competitors for the live shows were set to be revealed last week, but due to the baseball game, we did not get to view the entire episode of the show. In case you’ve missed the show, we’ve got it recapped here.

Briefly, here is a run-down of who has advanced on each of the teams. On Britney Spears’ team, she has chosen Diamond White, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Arin Ray and Beatrice Miller. L.A. Reid has chosen David Correy, Jason Brock, Tate Stevens and Vino Allan. Demi Lovato has chosen Jennel Garcia and Willie Jones.

The rain delay in the game caused the network to cut to snippets of “The Mindy Project” in the middle of “The X Factor”, so we weren’t able to catch the rest of the selected parties. As of most recently, we’ve heard that the show was scrambling to throw together a full hour episode for tonight.

Stay tuned for our live recap of the show as it airs. We will have the final sixteen competitors here on Earsucker — as they are announced!


Tonight’s episode is kicking off with Demi Lovato’s group. As we’ve already reported, Demi keeps Jennel Garcia and Willie Jones in her final four, but who else is she taking with her? First, she tells Jennel how much of an incredible voice she has. Her concerns are that she feels Jennel is insecure in her performances. She keeps her, obviously. Willie is up next to talk about his performance at Demi’s house. She tells him that he has something that people don’t expect, but he is a big risk because of his inner battle. She keeps him in her final four, as well. Up next, Nick Youngerman will learn his fate. Demi tells him that he is so much fun to watch on the stage and has the ability to get everybody on their feet. Her concern is that they’ve set a really high bar. Demi has decided to send Nick home.

Paige Thomas is up next to talk to Demi. Demi tells her that there’s no one in the world that can say that she’s not a beautiful person who is a star. But it’s not just about that and they need to see her grow. Demi tells her that she has decided to keep her! Now, it’s down to being between Cece Frey and Jillian Jensen. Who will be going through to the live shows? Demi tells Jillian that she is so extremely talented and everyone can see that. She tells Cece that she told her it was going to be difficult to find balance between on fire and the attitude. She has decided to keep Cece and send Jillian home.

Up next, Simon Cowell will dole out his winners’ list for the Groups category. Simon has six acts left: Sister C, Dope Crisis, Playback, Lylas, Lyric 145 and Emblem3. He has chosen to keep Lyric 145, but has decided to send Dope Crisis home. Emblem3 is next to learn their fate and Simon has dished the news that he’s keeping them in his category for the live shows. Sister C is up next to learn whether or not Simon has decided to keep them. He has delivered the good news that they’re going through to the live shows!

It’s down to being between Playback and Lylas. Simon has decided to keep Lylas and send Playback home.

What do you think of tonight’s episode of the show? Who are you rooting for this season of “The X Factor”? Hit the comments and let us know!

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  • with_kids

    Sister C and CeCe are awful. I hope they get dumped quickly…

    • Amil

      I think the same

  • Amil

    Especialy CeCe very bad personality

  • tj

    Demi was just stupid to pick CeCe over Jillian. CeCe is a good singer technically, but she has no special tonal quality that sets her apart. Jillian has a unique voice and is a better musician/song writer. CeCe will get voted off in no time.

  • Kirnormand

    I think that all the judges chose well except for Demi. She should have kept Jillian and let CeCe go. I just hope that the exposure will enable Jillian to get a record deal. Love her voice!