The X Factor USA TV Recap For October 31, 2012

The X Factor USA TV Recap For October 31, 2012

Tonight on Fox the live shows begin on “The X Factor USA“. We are recapping the show live! Stay tuned for all of our updates right here at! Also, you can read our recap of the last judge’s homes episode right here, in case you’ve missed it.

Paige Thomas – Haddaway – “What Is Love?”

L.A. Reid – He said that it feels like stardom, but he wasn’t sure about the song choice
Britney Spears – She is outrageous!
Simon Cowell – She came out tonight and she nailed it!
Demi Lovato – She is unbelievably outrageous and she is so proud of her

Arin Ray – Kim Wilde – “Keep Me Hangin’ On”

L.A. Reid – He’s a huge supporter and wants to see him come through
Demi Lovato – She couldn’t hear the vocals because of all of the girls screaming. The vocals were off a little
Simon Cowell – Britney needed to relax him into the competition. He has swag and self confidence and he has matured over a year and he was impressed
Britney Spears – She was so proud of him… She said, “It was on, I loved it.”

David Correy – Whitney Houston – “My Love Is Your Love”

Britney Spears – It was amazing and she loved it
Demi Lovato – She wasn’t sure where the song was going, but it was amazing
Simon Cowell – His performance was manic and desperate as if he were begging the audience to like it. He wasn’t sure that his m
L.A. Reid – They could really hear him sing. He’s proud of him and he did it right

Sister C – Pistol Annies – “Hell On Heels”

L.A. Reid – In the beginning, he was concerned that they were repeating themselves because they performed the song at the auditions
Britney Spears – She wasn’t expecting that, but they really delivered and they were stunning
Demi Lovato – They have a unique sound, but they seemed really stiff and she was expecting a better performance
Simon Cowell – For any standard around the world, that was a fantastic performance. The song sounded fantastic and he’s very proud of them

Jennel Garcia – Motley Crue – “Home Sweet Home”

L.A. Reid – He was completely surprised, that was a 10. That was stunning and she just convinced him she can win
Britney Spears – She rocked it out and she loved everything about it
Simon Cowell – With that song, she defined the theme “Made In America”. He absolutely loves her. His only criticism is that Demi is trying to make Jennel a clone of her. He liked her with curlier hair, but the performance was amazing
Demi Lovato – She is so unbelievably proud of her that she is about to start crying. She is such a rock star

Diamond White – Train – “Hey Soul Sister”

L.A. Reid – He thought it was really strong, but at the beginning it felt really mechanical to him. She made it her song by the end
Demi Lovato – The song choice was really great and she’s got one of the best singers in the competition. She wants to see her have fun
Simon Cowell – Britney has done a really good job with this girl. She came over as a relevant pop star
Britney Spears – She is incredibly proud of her, it was amazing

Vino Allan – Nickelback – “Gotta Be Somebody”

Britney Spears – He was really good, but she was a little bored
Demi Lovato – She finds herself really rooting for her. The beginning was a bit shaky, but it was better by the end
Simon Cowell – He really likes him. He thinks the song and the arrangement of the song was wrong…it turned him into a horrible cover singer. He shouldn’t have agreed to this song
L.A. Reid – He has had criticism all of his life and he shouldn’t let it stop him

Lyric145 – “Boom Shake The Room” Vs. “Gangnam Style”

L.A. Reid – The good news is that he loves those guys. The bad news is that it sounded like someone stuffed them in a dryer, added bleach. That’s not Hip Hop
Britney Spears – She was genuinely entertained
Demi Lovato – She had so much fun and she’s a little worried about this group because they were so good
Simon Cowell – It has to be commercial and entertaining and he thought they were absolutely sensational

Cece Frey – Patti Smith – “Because The Night”

L.A. Reid – It felt like she put a lot of work into it
Britney Spears – Overall, it was a really great performance, but her vocals were weakened
Simon Cowell – It wasn’t the best vocal he has heard, but she is someone they need in this competition
Demi Lovato – She feels like she could do so much more vocally and she is proud of her

Tate Stevens – Craig Morgan – “Tough”

Britney Spears – He wows her every time she sees him perform
Demi Lovato – In the beginning she was a little bit bored, but he doesn’t need dancers and he gave her the chills. She thinks he’s such a star
Simon Cowell – He knows exactly what kind of artist he wants to be. He thinks the show could give him a huge break. The song wasn’t one of his favorites. For him, he’s a keeper
L.A. Reid – Simon isn’t a country music expert and it was well done and he’s absolutely a keeper

Beatrice Miller – Jason Mraz – “I Won’t Give Up”

L.A. Reid – He believes her and he loves her
Demi Lovato – There was so much feeling behind her eyes. When she came out with that rock star moment, she was really impressed
Simon Cowell – He really liked her, he just thinks they need to sort her vocals out
Britney Spears – She thinks she’s a true star, it was amazing and she loved it

Jason Brock – Jennifer Lopez – “Dance Again”

Britney Spears – She feels like he could’ve chosen a better song
Demi Lovato – It wasn’t the right song choice
Simon Cowell – He likes Jason, but that was utterly horrendous. What he’s wearing, the song, the dancers, the choreography – everything about it was wrong. L.A. woke up one morning and tossed the song at him
L.A. Reid – He enjoyed it and everyone in the room did, as well. Simon is a hater

1432 (Formerly LYLAS) – Taylor Swift – “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

L.A. Reid – It was a very karaoke song choice. Horrible production and their mentor really failed them, but there is hope
Britney Spears – She was pleasantly surprised
Demi Lovato – Tonight there was only one person who shined. She wants to see them click and they need more practice together
Simon Cowell – (Didn’t get this part — anyone?)

Willie Jones – Gretchen Wilson – “Here For The Party”

L.A. Reid – Congratulations, that was very entertaining. He didn’t get goosebumps, but it was adequate
Britney Spears – She feels like he’s a star and she was entertained
Simon Cowell – He thought it was silly and it didn’t really show off his vocal ability. He doesn’t like what he’s wearing and the dances were inappropriate on that song. It felt cheap and silly. His mentor didn’t do him any justice with that whatsoever
Demi Lovato – People now are liking unique, fresh things. It works now and she’s really proud

Carly Rose Sonenclar – Etta James – “Something’s Got A Hold On Me”

L.A. Reid – He loves her voice…he finds it difficult to be critical, but he didn’t feel like she was having fun
Demi Lovato – She has one of the best voices in this competition. At her age it can be a blessing and a curse. She’s not seeing her have a lot of fun, but there is no doubt that she’ll have a future in this industry
Simon Cowell – His issue was that she felt uncomfortable with the song. She didn’t connect with the song and based on how brilliant she is, she could’ve done a much better song. It would be criminal for her to leave the competition
Britney Spears – She did a really great job

Emblem3 – Matisyahu – “One Day”

L.A. Reid – Simon got it right this time. They just saw America’s next pop sensation
Britney Spears – They are absolutely adorable
Demi Lovato – They make her swoon. She can’t look them in the eye while they sing to her. She loves them and they are so talented
Simon Cowell – Anyone watching this band for the first time will remember this night

Which was your favorite performance tonight? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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