The X Factor USA Winner Melanie Amaro Sang To Save Her Family

The X Factor USA Winner Melanie Amaro Sang To Save Her Family

The winner of The X Factor USA’s first season, Melanie Amaro, said that she sang her heart out on the show so that she could save her family — financially.

Her father said prior to the show’s finale, “It’s really important for our entire family that Melanie wins The X Factor – it would not only change her life, but ours as well. Of course, she can do whatever she wants with her winnings, but we’re confident she’ll do the right thing and help us out.”

He went on to say, “In 2009, I lost my job as a property management maintenance worker after the company I worked for was sold. Bills were piling up higher than the palm trees outside our house. My wife was working, but she was bringing in just enough to put food on our table.”

Melanie’s mother said, “We live paycheck to paycheck, but we always manage to make it.”

She also revealed that even before Melanie was born, she knew she was going to be a singer. She said that a preacher told her of her daughter’s gift. She added, “He told me that God had put a song in my baby’s heart, that she was always going to be singing. And he was right!”

We’re glad he was right. Melanie has the gift of song and has shown the world her amazing talent.

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