There’s a Kelsey & Camille Grammer sex tape?!?

File this one under: DO NOT WANT.

According to reports, Camille Grammer is thinking about releasing some wild sex tapes that she made with Kelsey if he reportedly doesn’t pay her some big money in their divorce. Wait, doesn’t that sound like extortion to you? Could be.

A pal of Camille’s said, “Camille fully intends on staying a very rich woman. She wants a ton of money in the settlement. Camille likes to remind Kelsey all the time that she has dirt on him. And she’s so upset over him dumping her for young flight attendant Kayte Walsh last summer — plus the fact that they’ve already gotten engaged — that she’s been dropping plenty of hints she’s ready and willing to embarrass him if he doesn’t give her a huge alimony payment.”

But then again, the source is Star magazine, so think what you want.

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