T.I. Rubs His Junk On A T-Shirt For A Fan

Yes, you can have “whatever you like”. And that includes T.I.’s t-shirt, but not without a “little extra something” first. (Editor’s note: I couldn’t use the actual pictures, so I used a Youtube video instead.) If you have the concert footage, though, please feel free to send it on.

T.I. was performing at a Vegas show when he rubbed his JUNK all over a t-shirt for a fan. GROSS. I can’t seem to say that enough. Ick. Gross, gross, gross.

Go here if you wanna see this nastiness for yourself. I promise you’ll need eye bleach afterwards.

What would you do with the t-shirt? Burn it? Ebay it? Give it back?

T.I. Rubs His Junk On A T-Shirt For A Fan was last modified: August 10th, 2013 by Roberta Ferguson
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