Tila Tequila launches MissTilaOMG.com, no one cares

Tila Tequila has officially launched her new website, MissTilaOMG.com, and as expected, it fails miserably.

Firstly, she takes aim at Paris Hilton for a sexual act that she performed at the age of sixteen. Not to mention all of the spelling, grammar errors and the factual mistakes that she has posted…She has also attacked Jessica Simpson over her weight, calling her a “fat cow”, but she must think that it’s okay because she struck it out in WordPress.

She has also posted that Khloe Kardashian used to prostitute herself at the age of fifteen for money. She has quoted a “very reliable source”, but I imagine we can expect lawsuits to go flying tomorrow morning.

A lot of her Twitter followers are already calling her out on the website, saying:

@tilaomg Your plan to bait true celebs with your attacks will fail as they will ignore you, and you will fade away into nothing.

@tilaomg Wow, what a terrible website. I hope everyone you slander on your site sues you out of existence for defamation.

@TilaOMG the only blog in the world that doesn’t care about grammar skills! :)

“Sam the Man” is a term that @perezhilton came up with. It’s also very transphobic and homophobic. #FAIL

@TilaOMG’s website is full of racism, sexism, homophobia, you name it. #TILAFAIL

What do you think of her new site launch? She has said that she was going to differentiate herself between herself and the likes of Perez Hilton. All I’ve seen are attacks and slanderous posts. Your thoughts?

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