Tim McGraw Enjoys Intimidating His Daughters’ Boyfriends

Tim McGraw Enjoys Intimidating His Daughters' Boyfriends

Country music singer Tim McGraw has revealed that he enjoys intimidating his daughters’ boyfriends. McGraw has three daughters with Faith Hill, Gracie, 17, Maggie, 15, and Audrey, 12. He said that he unintentionally intimidated one guy who showed up for a family event — but he has no regrets about the incident.

He revealed in a new interview how one fella showed up for a family barbecue. He said, “I had a white apron on, and I was trimming fat off of this meat. I got this knife with me and this apron with blood all over, and the doorbell rang, and I go to the door and open it with a knife and a bloody apron. It’s the kid who shows up, so it worked out pretty good even though I didn’t mean for it to.”

The country singer also opened up about how his family inspired him to get clean and lose fifty pounds. He said, “I just felt like my kids were getting older, you start thinking about you want to be around for them.”

He was on the receiving end of a warning from his wife and quit drinking and using drugs in 2008 for fear that he would lose everything. In a previous interview, he said, “When your wife tells you it’s gone too far, that’s a big wake-up call. That, and realizing you’re gonna lose everything you have. Not monetarily, not career-wise, but family-wise. It got to the point where my kids were getting older, and it was way past the point that they noticed it. And I noticed that they noticed. That’s enough to straighten you out. I drank too much. I partied too much. And did other things too much. Chemically. No needles or that kind of stuff, but….use your imagination.”

Thank goodness that he’s clean and sober now, for his family’s sake!

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