Tom Cruise Bans Scientology Haters From Oblivion Premiere

Tom Cruise Bans Scientology Haters From Oblivion Premiere

Tom Cruise is what we would call a rabid Scientologist. If you’re not a couch jumping follower of L. Ron Hubbard, then he basically wants nothing to do with you. What he does want, however, is your money. Spend that hard-earned paycheck on his movies at the theater and watch his already fat bank account get fatter.

If you happen to be a media outlet who’s rather large and has talked smack about his controversial religion, then you are not welcomed at his movie premieres. So says TMZ:

Banned from the red carpet this week — US Weekly, Life & Style, In Touch and The Hollywood Reporter.

Cruise is particularly pissed at THR, which has written more than 20 unflattering Scientology stories in less than a year. As for the tabs, he’s upset that they’ve been snarking at Suri.

Apparently, Tom’s special kind of crazy has been long-running in his ancestry — or so he thinks! This guy is actually convinced that his Irish ancestors were special and one was actually what was referred to as a “famine hero”.

Read all about that craziness at our pals’ site Bohomoth. Seriously, this is the kind of crazy that you just can’t make up.

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