Tom Cruise Becomes Swatting Prank Victim

Tom Cruise Becomes Swatting Prank Victim

Tom Cruise has become the latest celebrity victim of a caller who notified the authorities of a home invasion at the actor’s residence in Beverly Hills, California. It appears that the newest SWATTER wasn’t thwarted by the arrest of the guy who pranked Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher. Will these nefarious pranksters ever learn?

According to reports, the caller notified the cops that there was an armed intruder on Tom’s property. When the police came to the scene in response to the call, they found absolutely nothing. The actor was not at home when the call came in and only a staff of security guards and a cook were at the residence when the authorities arrived.

In October, the police were sent to Justin Bieber’s house when they received a call that there was an intruder there waving a gun around. Just a week prior to that, Ashton Kutcher’s home was surrounded by cops in response to a TTY message sent to authorities.

Also falling victim to pranksters were Miley Cyrus and Simon Cowell. Both became victims after calls were made to the cops in a similar fashion. Just last month, a twelve-year-old boy was arrested over the SWATTING incidents. He was said to be responsible for Justin and Ashton’s pranks, but was not linked to those of Miley and Simon.

These kids today — they need a hobby, no?

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