Tom Cruise Isn’t Pressing Charges Against Home Invader Jason Sullivan

Tom Cruise Isn't Pressing Charges Against Home Invader Jason Sullivan

Tom Cruise isn’t taking any action against the man who scaled his fence and got tased by his security guard. Sunday night, Jason Sullivan came to what he thought was home and climbed the fence to get in. Little did he know, but he wasn’t actually at his place — he was at Tom’s residence. That’s when he was noticed by a guard who tased him and called the cops.

When the police arrived, they carted him off to the hospital for treatment. Afterward, he was taken to jail and booked for trespassing. Not holding any hard feelings, Tom has decided not to press charges against what appears to be an honest, drunken mistake.

Tom’s attorney, Bert Fields, said, “Tom’s not a vindictive guy. The guy was drunk. He didn’t have a malicious intent.”

We’re doubting that Jason will do any time other than time served for his crime. What do you think? We don’t see the cops pushing this considering that it was just a mistake, do you?

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