Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Are Officially Divorced

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Are Officially Divorced

File this one under: That was fast!

According to the latest Hollywood gossip, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are officially divorced. The duo were married five years ago in Italy in a lavish ceremony. They share a daughter named Suri, which is said to be the reason behind their quickie split.

The former couple’s divorce was finalized on Monday after a judge in New York signed off on the final judgment in the case. It was just a month and a half ago that Katie filed for divorce and sought sole custody of Suri, shocking the world.

After the filing, their lawyers worked together for an entire weekend hammering out the details of the divorce settlement. The details of their agreement are confidential. A source revealed, “Tom is very happy and relieved that he is moving forward. His priority is being a good father and this settlement will make sure that continues.”

Meanwhile, Tom’s pals are worried that he has just thrown himself way too much into his work since his high profile split from Katie. A source said, “Tom’s friends and family have urged him to take a break, but he has brushed off their concern. He is refusing to slow down and is trying to soldier on. He doesn’t seem to be himself. He hasn’t been working out like he normally does and doesn’t appear to be eating well at all. His clothes just hang off him.”

The source went on to say, “His way of dealing with this is to throw himself into his work, but as a result he’s not looking after himself and he risks cutting himself off from people who care about him and want to make sure he’s okay.”

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