Tom Cruise Leaving Scientology For Daughter Suri?

Tom Cruise Leaving Scientology For Daughter Suri?

According to the latest cover of “In Touch Weekly”, Tom Cruise might just be ready to leave his religion Scientology for his daughter Suri. Interesting gossip, right?!

The tabloid reveals that after 108 days of not seeing his daughter, Tom and Suri have reunited. If you’ll recall, Tom has been keeping busy filming his new movie “All You Need Is Kill” in London, England. Since, they were said to have reunited over the Thanksgiving holiday. Now rumors have surfaced that he might be ready to finally give up his controversial religion for Suri.

As you may already know, the Church of Scientology forbids keeping ties to those family members who have shunned the religion, so will Tom be leaving the church once and for all? We’re not sure if those rules exactly apply to children of whom all of their decisions are made for them, but we’re guessing that he wouldn’t have given up Scientology to win back ex-wife Katie Holmes…or would he?

We have all heard the horror stories about people who have shunned the religion, thus referred to as “Suppressive Persons”. They get disconnected from those who are still connected to the church, even parents from children, etc. Does that rule apply to David Miscavige’s man Tom Cruise? We doubt it.

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