Tom Cruise Unrecognized By Arnold Schwarzenegger At CinemaCon

Tom Cruise Unrecognized By Arnold Schwarzenegger At CinemaCon

After appearing on stage today at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger nearly collided with one another as they exited the auditorium where the presentation was held. Although Cruise immediately put his arm around the former governor and started posing for photos, Schwarzenegger looked hilariously baffled as to who the person next to him could be.

However, the apparent “confusion” may have been due to the mens’ attire. Cruise wore a matching black shirt and suit to the event, while Schwarzenegger chose to get into character by wearing his famous Terminator outfit–a black T-shirt and blue jeans with wraparound sunglasses and a motorcycle jacket.

Both Hollywood stars attended CinemaCon to help promote each of their upcoming films to movie theater owners. Schwarzenegger, it seems, was just really into character when he initially crossed paths with Cruise.

A while later, after changing out of his iconic look into a more relaxed ensemble, Schwarzenegger seemed to recognize Cruise without any problems, as the pair were seen talking together inside of Caesar’s Palace.

The idea that the Terminator star was just really into character is supported by statements the actor made earlier in the conference about how he had wanted to make a big entrance. He had planned on doing this by either riding into the event on a motorcycle or flying in on a helicopter, but both ideas were reportedly vetoed by Paramount’s Vice President, Rob Moore, according to Schwarzenegger.

Even if he chose not to get into character or hope to make a big entrance for the event, Cruise seemed to take the former governor’s “who is this guy” joke very well. What do you think? Did Arnold really not recognize Tom, or was he simply staying in character until he had a chance to change clothes? Weigh in below.

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