Toni Braxton to do Playboy

Toni Braxton has finally decided to strip off for Playboy, after asking her Twitter followers their opinions on whether or not she should go through with it.

She tweeted, “New Year, New opportunities. So I have been considering taking up Playboy’s offer to feature me on their cover this year. What you think?”

Then, she added, “I would love to pose with Hugh Hefner though. He’s the sexiest guy I know over 30 ;-)”

With Hugh Hefner? I’ve never heard of such a thing. But I bet he’s been dying to get her in the magazine and she does look great for her age. Still, she wants us all to know that it won’t be raunchy. She added, “Of course it will be tastefully done :-)” and said, “There are NOT talking that kind of spread! No Susie!!!! Just a lil T and A. They have asked me about 3 times before.”

Do you want to see Toni Braxton showing a “lil T and A”??

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