Tori Spelling: Abusing Vicodin & Oxycodone?

Tori Spelling: Abusing Vicodin & Oxycodone?

Former “90210” actress Tori Spelling is featured on the front cover of the newest issue of “Star” magazine. On this week’s cover, the tabloid makes the shocking claims that Tori has been abusing Vicodin and Oxycodone! Could you imagine the lawsuit that may stem from this week’s issue?!?

In order to cope with her husband Dean McDermott’s cheating issues, she has allegedly turned to mixing pills with alcohol. Of course, Dean is said to be super worried about the safety of their four children — even though he was rumored to be their main caretaker. This is said to be one of the reasons why she won’t actually file for divorce from Dean — because she doesn’t want that sole responsibility lying on her shoulders. Still, she has the right to be with someone who is faithful to her, doesn’t she?

The magazine also claims that Tori made a shocking statement that ribcages are sexy. Ummm, no. No, they are not. Seeing someone else’s ribcage makes us think that they need to eat a sandwich.

The magazine’s question as to whether or not Tori will actually lose her children is a bit off-center. She’s in the public eye, has gobs upon gobs of money and not only that, but someone has to actually prove that she is a pill popping Vicodin junkie before anything even gets done. Even then, she will have to go to rehab to get help. In that case, we’re guessing that Dean would keep the kids in order for her to receive treatment. So the short answer is no, Tori isn’t likely to lose her kids anytime soon.

What do you think of this vile-filled issue of “National Enquirer”?

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