Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Are Renewing Their Vows

Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Are Renewing Their Vows

Because their relationship seemed so damaged on their reality TV show, it appears that all of Dean McDermott’s cheating on Tori Spelling couldn’t push them apart. In fact, it has apparently brought these two closer together. It makes us think that all of the drama that they created for the show was all fake, fake, fake.

We have yet to see any sort of proof that the woman of whom Dean cheated is actually a real person. Emily Goodhand has seemingly evaporated into thin air, thus giving no credibility to the cheating reports. We want to think that Tori and Dean wouldn’t have generated all of their drama for the sake of TV ratings, but the Kardashian is strong with these ones. It must be a famewhoring gene or something.

So, in order to “fix” their marriage, Tori and Dean are apparently renewing their wedding vows. Lovely, no?

Even better, when they do say “I do” again, they’ll be doing it for the sake of the reality TV cameras. A source revealed, “They are going to renew their vows. But it’s not for them, it’s for ratings and money. Tori and Dean think they have everyone fooled. It is just completely fake. Together, Tori and Dean are a cash cow. That’s why they’ll stay together.”

We’re still calling BS on any reports that he has actually cheated on her with some random woman. Yes, we know that she cried on national television in order to show her disapproval of his alleged skeeving, but she’s an actress and the last we’d heard crying is a part of acting. So, technically, she probably made it her job to lie to the public in order to get people to tune into her reality show. Somehow this formula works for the Kardashians and now Tori Spelling.

It’s like how it was said that Tori and Dean were as broke as a joke, but then Candy Spelling emerged from her ritzy mansion to tell everyone that she would never leave her daughter broke or hurting for cash. In other words, we’re not buying what they’re selling.

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