Tori Spelling Feeling Better; Sees Emily Goodhand’s Photo

Tori Spelling Feeling Better; Sees Emily Goodhand's Photo

Tori Spelling is really pulling out all of the stops in order to promote her reality show “True Tori”. She has publicized her many marriage troubles, her sickness and now her search for the woman of whom Dean McDermott cheated. We are starting to think that “drama” is this woman’s middle name!

As you know, Dean allegedly cheated on Tori with a woman named Emily Goodhand. We still aren’t sure if that was a ploy to generate ratings for their show because Emily hasn’t really ever surfaced to talk to the media or say anything at all. Now, it appears that Tori went in search of the other woman and it wasn’t at all what she thought it would be.

On the most recent episode of their reality show, Tori enlists the help of her pals in order to locate Emily Goodhand so that she can have an idea of what she looks like. When locating a picture of the woman Dean cheated with, Tori was said to be in shock. It wasn’t so much that this woman was particularly beautiful, but it was the fact that she was just an average woman. Seeing the pictures of Emily has left Tori feeling even more insecure because if he would cheat with someone so average, he could cheat with anyone. It’s not really a good way to look at the situation if they are really considering going forward with their marriage.

Recently, Tori was hospitalized where she was said to have been treated like an Ebola patient. She showed symptoms of coughing fits and was quarantined for the safety of her family and medical professionals.

She shared the above photo of herself from her hospital room in order to promote the season premiere of their reality show on Tuesday. She was said to be suffering from bronchitis and pneumonia and has been recovering at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center since Saturday.

We will find out one day if there isn’t anything that is off limits when it comes to promoting herself or her reality show. What do you think Tori Spelling would find off-limits? Hit the comments and leave your best guess.

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