Tori Spelling Has A Sex Tape With Dean McDermott

Tori Spelling Has A Sex Tape With Dean McDermott

Tori Spelling has revealed in her new book that she has a sex tape with her husband Dean McDermott. Before you think “gross!”, remember that Kim Kardashian rose to fame as a result of a sex tape and that Farrah Abraham scored a million bucks from hers. Still thinking “gross!”? Well, it’s likely that you’re not alone on that one.

One person who sees this as an opportunity is Vivid Entertainment head honcho Steven Hirsch. He wants to capitalize off of the sex tape and turn into some big dollars for Tori and Dean. You’ve already heard the reports that they were going through some financial difficulties, so it would only make sense to cash in, no? Would Candy Spelling even allow it to get that far?!?

Vivid really wants in on the tape and is prepared to make a substantial offer on the video footage. He said in a letter to Tori, “This is a serious offer for a real tape and it could yield significant returns to help you through your difficult financial situation.”

Tori has already gotten her attorney involved because of a pal of Dean’s who claimed to have a copy of the footage was possibly trying to exploit the tape. Despite all of the offers, however, Tori wants to keep a lid on the footage for the foreseeable future. Can you blame her? She is one of the very few Hollywood ladies who didn’t have to sell herself or her sexuality in order to become famous.

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