Tori Spelling Uncovers Dean McDermott’s Cheating Details

Tori Spelling Uncovers Dean McDermott's Cheating Details

Tori Spelling is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Us Weekly and according to the magazine’s report, she has uncovered all of the details surrounding her husband, Dean McDermott’s cheating scandal. Can you even imagine one reason why she hasn’t filed for divorce from him yet — that is, if the cheating rumors are true.

Normally, we are not ones to believe this kind of speculation and gossip — no matter how juicy it can be. We certainly don’t want their four children to grow up in a broken home, but if he’s cheating, then that is no reason to continue to be married to him.

The magazine reports that things between Tori and Dean are worse than she had originally thought. After uncovering his secrets, checking his phone and retracing his steps, her heartbreak turns to fury.

Do you think that Dean is really cheating on Tori? If he really is cheating, then she needs to get out of that marriage as quickly as possible. One can only forgive so much, right? If he is cheating and she chooses to forgive him, then their obvious next step would be to get into marriage counseling. Do you think they have a shot to make it? Hit the comments and leave us your thoughts below.

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