In Touch Weekly: Jennifer Aniston Is 4 Months Pregnant!

In Touch Weekly: Jennifer Aniston Is 4 Months Pregnant!

It always cracks me up when the tabloids put Jennifer Aniston on the cover of their magazines because they only have two routes they take with her. Either the headlines scream that she is fighting with Angelina Jolie over Brad Pitt or she’s this desperate, lonely pregnant woman who sounds pathetic in her MANY attempts at having a baby.

What if (and don’t quote me here) Jennifer is one of those women who NEVER want to have children? It’s very likely that she doesn’t want babies, considering that she is already 45-years-old and has had ample opportunities in order to do so.

When she and Brad split, it was rumored that he moved on because he wanted children. He then got together with Angelina and now they have six children together. Why must the magazines find it necessary to Photoshop a picture of her looking frumpy and make the headline read that she is expecting her first child? If she had actually had all of the children that she’s given birth to in addition to all of the children that she has allegedly adopted, she would have a reality show about it on the Lifetime channel. Seriously.

Jennifer is NOT pregnant, and it’s likely that she won’t ever be. We must change our views of what a strong woman must be and sometimes that does not include being a mother — and that is perfectly fine with us.

What do you think?

This post is written by Jessica LeFevre

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