In Touch Weekly: Jennifer Aniston Will Raise Her Baby Alone

In Touch Weekly: Jennifer Aniston Will Raise Her Baby Alone

Another week goes by and there is some more BS on the cover of “In Touch Weekly”. This week’s cover story involves another headline about how Jennifer Aniston is pregnant by her fiance Justin Theroux. Apparently due to some sort of fight between the two, Jennifer has decided to raise her fake baby all by herself. So this makes about 1,897,301 stories done on Jennifer’s many fake babies and the tabloids still won’t give up on it. At the age of 45-years-old, we highly doubt that Jennifer is going to wake up one day and say that she wants to have a bunch of babies.

The magazine is calling Justin out for being a runaway groom and it states that he has called off their wedding. Where on earth did they get this crazy picture of Jennifer looking pregnant? Whose Photoshopped body did the magazine use to make their story seem believable?

In addition, there is a story on Canadian singer Justin Bieber and the two women he supposedly got pregnant. We’re curious if there are other women in the world besides Selena Gomez who would sleep with Justin?

Of course, there is a piece on Kourtney Kardashian kicking Scott Disick out because of his partying ways. They already have two children together with a third on the way — will he ever grow up and take responsibility?

Another good one is the featured story on Tori Spelling heading out on a road trip in order to find her husband Dean McDermott’s mistress. Her name is said to be Emily Goodhand, but some have reported that a fake name could’ve been used when Ms. Goodhand’s social media profile either evaporated (or never existed in the first place).

Lastly, there is a story on Jessica Simpson’s drunk shenanigans before she walks down the aisle with her fiance Eric Johnson. She’s harmless, so she definitely gets a pass this week.

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