In Touch Weekly: Jennifer Pregnant With Justin Theroux’s Baby

In Touch Weekly: Jennifer Pregnant With Justin Theroux's Baby

Jennifer Aniston apparently has some exciting news to share with the entire world and “In Touch Weekly” has the only scoop! Just kidding, but apparently there are people who are still interested in these fabricated stories about Jen.

She’s 45-years-old and engaged to Justin Theroux, so you know what would complete the picture? A baby, of course! We’re guessing that the tabloids will never tire of populating Jen’s uterus with these eight million children she would’ve had if all of the rumors turned out to be true.

The tabloids have made up rumors that she was adopting babies from all over the world (sound like anyone we know of?) and has given her twins and so many more children. This time, the baby is a girl!

We’re kind of curious if the magazines will ever get it right. Surely, one day they’ll come out with a Jen Aniston cover that says “I don’t want children, never have” and we’ll actually pick up that issue. Honesty sells, too, doesn’t it?

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