Trina Braxton’s Divorce Drama With Husband Gabriel Adrian-Solis

Trina Braxton's Divorce Drama With Husband Gabriel Adrian-Solis

Back in June, TMZ reported that Trina Braxton, sister of Toni Braxton and fellow cast member on the WeTV reality show “Braxton Family Values,” has filed for divorce from her husband Gabriel Adrian-Solis. Trina’s filing for divorce with Gabe wasn’t much of a shocker; though it should have happened a lot sooner. Watching the reality show the viewers got to see all of the problems with Gabe and Trina’s marriage. Gabe confessed to having sexual relations with various women during the duration of the marriage. And Trina claimed that she had an “oral transaction” with one of her band mates. Really Trina? Sorry, but the marriage was already over after Gabe’s first affair and Trina’s “oral transaction” didn’t help matters either.

According to TMZ, the couple got married in 2003 and they separated this year. TMZ also reports that Gabe is challenging the divorce in court saying that the marriage can be fixed. Is it that Gabe thinks the marriage can be saved or he’s scared of having to pay alimony? Even Trina said on the reality show that she is afraid to sleep with Gabe for fear of catching an STD due to Gabe’s many sex partners.

Let’s see how this divorce plays out. Any guesses in the meantime?

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