True Blood at Comic Con – Photos & Video

True Blood is on tonight and we’ve got some of the goodies from the cast’s appearance at this year’s Comic Con!

After the jump, we’ve got author Charlaine Harris talking about Comic Con, costumes, Sookie’s happiness and the taste of blood. Also, James Frain talks about his character, Franklin’s relationship with Tara (there might be a wedding!??!?) and some thumbnails!

Charlaine Harris answers some “Comic Con quickies”:


James Frain
discusses his character on the show:

Kristen Bauer van Straten and Joe Manganiello talk about the vampire head twisting episode, Pilates and the writers being “sick” people:

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Spoiler alert: Someone is going to lose his way via amnesia….per the books, that person is going to be vampire Eric. Are they going to go with the book version or do you think they’re going to alter it?

In addition to playing Alcide, Joe says that he wants to play Superman. What do you think?

Click thumbnails twice for the largest view…

Vampire sheriff Eric Northman thanks you for your time:

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