True Blood Recap: Dead Meat

True Blood Recap: Dead Meat

Tonight on HBO is an all new episode of True Blood, titled Dead Meat. If you’ve missed last week’s episode, read our full recap here. We are still missing Terry! Ugh.


Bill and Eric are fighting because Bill couldn’t save Nora with Warlow’s blood. Eric said that Bill didn’t want to pick a fight with Sookie. Eric is upset that his sister is dead and Bill is pressing on with his plans to save the vampires at the vamp camp.

Rikki is angry at Alcide for leaving Nicole and her mother alive. She challenges him to a fight to the death and said that he doesn’t have “the balls” to finish him off. He doesn’t finish her off and leaves the pack for good.

After having sex, Jessica tells James not to drink the blood and then we learn that Pam had sex with her therapist. Meanwhile, Alcide has returned Nicole and her mother to Sam. He tells Sam that his pack days are over.

At the vamp camp, James tells Steve Newlin not to drink the blood. At Sam’s place, he tells Nicole and her mother that they are safe now. Alcide and Sam are drinking at Merlotte’s and it appears that Nicole is pregnant. Sam says that he smells it on her, but she doesn’t even know yet.

At the prison, Violet is feeding off of Jason. He asks her not to rape him. She teases him tellning him that he’ll want to have sex with her, but she’ll make him beg for it. Meanwhile, Lafayette makes Arlene eat some food. Before leaving for Merlottes, he tells her of the life insurance policy that was in the safety deposit box. Arlene now knows that Terry knew he was going to die.

Bill still wants Sookie to bring Warlow to him. She is miffed because he doesn’t want to give her any of his time. She tells him that Warlow wants to make her his fairy vampire bride and that deserves a conversation. He doesn’t agree.

Steve rats out James to Sarah for telling him not to drink the Tru Blood — he’s so weak. Meanwhile, Sam tells Nicole not to leave and that he loves her. She loves him, too. Awww. Sookie goes to see Sam and tells her that she always thought they would end up together. It’s a little too late for that because he informs her that Nicole is pregnant.

Arlene is upset at Terry’s family for wanting a 21 gun salute at his funeral. She wants Andy to find Justin to bring him to justice, but that wouldn’t do anything for the insurance policy that Terry wanted her and their kids to have.

The woman in charge of the Tru Blood supply is miffed that they are messing up the product by tainting it. She kicks Sarah and tries to escape the facility. She knocks the crap out of Sarah and tries to leave, but Sarah persists. Sarah kills her over a grate where some vamps are being held and they feed from her blood.

Sookie leaves a message for Jason and then calls Bill to tell him to pick her up in an hour.

Adiklyn is trying to get some sexin’ up, but is stopped by Eric. He glamours the guys and makes them go home. Afterward, he attacks her in the meadow — but doesn’t kill her.

Steve, Pam, Tara, Jessica, James and Willa are all in a circular room. Jessica tells them that they are going to meet the sun in there. This is the vision that Bill has been having.

Bill and Sookie cross over to the fairy land and they find Warlow with blood on his neck. Did Eric drain Warlow?

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