True Blood Recap: Don’t You Feel Me?

True Blood Recap: Don't You Feel Me?

On Sunday, there was a brand new episode of the hit vampire show True Blood titled Don’t You Feel Me? You can read a full recap of last Sunday’s episode, titled F*** The Pain Away.

The show opens with Lafayette (as Sookie’s father Corbitt) drowning Sookie in a pond. The show cuts to Warlow threatening Bill with Hido Takahashi’s life when Bill feels that Sookie is in danger. Warlow runs to her rescue. He gets ready to attack Lafayette, but she tells him that he’s possessed by her dead father and to blast him with his light in order to get rid of Corbitt. He does and Lafayette is back to normal, but still sees Corbitt until Sookie tells him to get out of her life.

In the fight between Eric and Pam, they both rise into the air, but end up taking out a human who is recording the supposed fight. They stake him through the mirrored glass panel separating the humans from the vampires. Eric peeps through the hole to see Steve Newlin. Guards come in to take them.

Sookie, Warlow and Lafayette are talking about what he is when Bill/Lillith summons him. He starts throwing up blood, but Sookie takes him to Fairy and he can’t feel Billith anymore.

Bill goes to find Jessica, but she’s not in her room. It’s then that he seeks help from Lillith. Meanwhile, Jason goes to the LAVTF to sign up for the cause. He answers all of the questions on the questionnaire and it looks promising for him.

Meanwhile, Bill goes to Takahashi’s office to ask him to be put into a coma so that he may talk with Lillith. He glamours Takahashi into helping him by draining all of his blood within an inch of the true death and then putting it all back the following day.

Sam and Nicole are in their hotel room talking about what they’re going to do with Emma. Emma wants to see her grandmother again and is holed up in the bathroom crying.

In the land of Fairy, Warlow tells Sookie that he’s also a creature of the night and that he can’t be trusted. He says that he doesn’t want to hurt her, so he asks her to tie his hands together.

At the motel, Jackson tells Alcide that Sam is in room 117 with Emma. Alcide goes to the room, but they already left. Meanwhile, Bill is in a coma-like state and goes to confer with Lillith about the current situation.

Andy is tasked by his daughter to give her a name. To remember her sisters, he gives her the name Adalyn-Brailyn-Charlaine-Danica. Terry pays a visit to Lafayette to give him his safety deposit box key.

Arlene gets a call from Lafayette and then tells Holly that she thinks Terry is going to kill himself. Holly suggests having Terry glamoured so that he forgets about his demons.

Back in the land of Fairy, Warlow tells Sookie that he will tear up the contract that binds him to her. He also says that he killed Lillith. He offers to turn her into a fairy/vampire hybrid like himself.

Back at vamp camp, the governor tells Eric that he wants him to feel the same amount of pain that he felt when Eric turned Willa. So he has Nora wheeled in so that he can have her killed. They inject her with Hepatitis D and they wheel her closer to Eric so that he may watch her die.

Bill talking to Lillith just turns out to be confusing. She tells him that the time to act is now and not to seek her our for any answers. Meanwhile at a gas station, Sam meets up with Martha to turn Emma over to her. She tells him that she’s not going back to the pack and that Emma will always come first to her.

Matt comes to glamour Terry for Arlene. He tells Terry that there was no war, no Marines, no regrets for bad decisions and that all he has to remember is that he is a father, step-father, a husband and a cook. He wakes up ten seconds later and he seems like a changed man.

Jason is in a room telling some guards how he busted into the Authority and killed a bunch of vampires when in walks Sarah Newlin. She clears the room to ask him what he’s doing there and he tells her that he’s there to get Jessica out. He says that if she tells anyone what he’s really doing, he’ll tell them all about him and her.

Willa and her father are talking and she tells him that she wants to be put in with the general population. She doesn’t want any preferential treatment.

At the gas station, Alcide tells Sam and Nicole to leave the area and never come back. He tells Sam that he’s dead and that if he ever comes back, he won’t be there to protect him when the pack sniffs him out.

At Takahashi’s, he wakes Bill. Bill orders him to give him the rest of Warlow’s blood. He drinks it and goes “out for a walk” (in the daylight). At the vamp camp, Jason is greeted by Sarah, who takes him into a room to watch two vampires have sex. One of them turns out to be Jessica. The other vampire doesn’t want to do it and neither does she. Sarah has him zapped a bunch of times with a light ray and then she has Jessica taken out of the room.

At Merlotte’s, Terry is being the best husband to Arlene and she feels like everything is wonderful. In the back of the bar, Terry takes out the garbage for Big John and he gets shot. Terry dies.

Meanwhile, at the Governor’s, they have a visitor. It’s Bill. He bares his fangs and comes toward the Governor and the guards begin shooting him. He makes the guards stop shooting and turn to one another and kill each other. The Governor tells Bill that he is out for the extinction of his race and Bill says that it’s never going to happen. He rips the Governor’s head off and sets it down.

Eric summons Willa, who glamours the guard into letting her into the room where Nora and Eric are being held. They free Nora and Eric and he tells her to keep the doctor’s jacket clean for him. Eric, Willa and Nora are making their escape from vamp camp. Eric goes into a room and sees that the humans are contaminating all of the new Tru Blood.

Sookie allows Warlow to feed from her after strengthening the vines that are holding his hands. Then, she feeds from him???? They have sex and suddenly a light starts shining between them.

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