True Blood Recap For 6/30/13: You’re No Good

True Blood Recap For 6/30/13: You're No Good

Tonight, True Blood returns to HBO with an all new episode titled You’re No Good. We’re getting excited to see what is going to happen in the war between the vampires and the humans. Last week, we put up our live recap of The Sun here at this link.

Tonight’s episode synopsis:

Irate over Burrell’s blatant aggression towards vampires, Eric takes matters into his own hands. After dangerously testing the limits of his powers, Bill enlists a TruBlood innovator to synthesize a new type of blood – but has difficulty finding the right donor. Sookie begins to learn why Warlow is after her. Sam receives unexpected help from Nicole and her Vampire Unity Society (V.U.S.) associates. Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) finds his past ideals turning into a current nightmare.

We’re covering the show tonight, live, from 9 to 10PM EST! Will you be watching the show? Refresh this page for the latest coverage of the hit vampire drama.


The show kicks off with Eric in the Governor’s daughter’s bedroom. He threatens to kill her, but she says that she’ll tell him about the experiments. Just then, her room is rushed by security people with guns.

At Bill’s mansion, he is telling Jessica what he has seen and that he has to save the vampires who were burning in the sun.

At Sookie’s house, Jason is downing a bunch of pills while his grandfather senses Warlow’s presence. He doesn’t understand why Sookie isn’t more afraid of Warlow. He explains to Sookie that Warlow is after her because she’s royalty.

Eric has brought the Governor’s daughter to Fangtasia for questioning on what she knows. He tells Pam and Tara to get out of there. The daughter tells Eric of a camp that they have been using in order to study vampires.

Steve Newlin ends up at the camp, while Pam and Tara have been busy packing. They are taking the girl with them and not killing her or glamoring her.

Sam and Lafayette are in Sam’s place with Jesse and his girlfriend. They are co-founders of the VUS and Lafayette tells them that they would well to erase everything they know about werewolves. The VUS offers Sam their help with Emma.

Eric goes to see Ginger for a sleepover. He has Tara and Pam with him and he informs her that they will not be having sex.

Bill tells Jessica that he was meeting Lilith in the sun and felt the heat on his skin. He pushes her indoors to go outside for the daylight to come. He burns to a crisp and she rushes to the door to let him in. He doesn’t understand.

Niall goes to the fairy hangout in the field and the place is empty. He imagines what happened there and it appears to have been a fairy massacre. He finds a survivor. The survivor said that an extremely powerful vampire got in. He extracts the fairy’s light and he turns to dust.

Jason and Sookie are talking about his hallucinations and she tells him that their mother was afraid of her up until she died.

Andy gets confronted by Holly about the vampire curfew. His girls are already teenagers. He asks her to take a ride with him.

Two officers are asking Alcide and Rikki’s place looking for Martha. They want information on Emma and they tell Alcide to wake her up. The cops go into the house, but Rikki has made Emma shift into a puppy. Rikki is miffed that Emma gets to stay in the pack, but Martha tells her to bow to Alcide.

The Governor’s daughter is spilling the beans that her mother snuck off with a vampire. She tells him that she does like vampires very much. He’s got the bleeds and she tries to taste his blood but he stops her.

Ben and Niall have met in a field and he’s looking for the fairy hiding spot. He kneels before Niall as he just realized that he’s king of the fae. He tells Ben that Warlow feels he’s entitled to his granddaughter Sookie. He wants Ben’s help in hunting Warlow down.

Bill is trying to leave to run some errands, but Jessica wants to go too. She wants to leave but he doesn’t want her to go. He tells Jessica to find the guy responsible for synthesizing Tru Blood. She finds him teaching a college class and he stops in his tracks to see her.

Sarah Newlin goes to see Steve while he’s in captivity. He asked her what that place is all about and she tells him that its God’s master plan to rid the world of vampires. She tells him that if he wants to do God’s work, he has to get into politics.

Jessica goes to see Professor Takahashi for Bill. She tells him that she wants private tutoring so that she can catch up.

Bill heads out to see Sookie and she won’t open the door. He is asking for her help or all of the vampires she knows are going to die the true death. She says that she isn’t inviting him in, but he comes in anyway. He holds Jason in the air against the wall. He wants some of her blood to synthesize, but she doesn’t want to go along with it. She won’t reconsider and he tells her that she is dead to him now.

The VUS goes to the wolfpack to talk to them. Alcide takes their cameras and smashes them, but they all end up shifting into wolves. Sam sneaks in to see Emma and takes her.

Ginger wakes Eric up with the Governor on the phone. He’s upset that Eric has taken his daughter. The Governor wants to negotiate with Eric. He traced the call and is headed to Ginger’s house. Eric glamors her to stall the Governor and his people when they get there.

Nora is outside of Sookie’s house and gets confronted by Niall and Ben. Inside, something happens to Jason and he falls down.

Andy sees Bill and tells him that there is a curfew in place. Bill sees the teddy bear in the car and asks him about it. Andy tells Bill that he has four daughters. That’s the fairy blood that Bill is looking for!

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

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