True Blood Recap: In The Evening

True Blood Recap: In The Evening

On Sunday, a brand new episode of True Blood aired, titled In The Evening. With last week’s show, we saw Bill day walking and murdering the governor. In addition, Eric learned that the governor and all of the vamp camp people were trying to poison the vampires with Hep-V. If you’ve missed last week’s show, you can relive the drama with our recap here.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Sunday night’s episode of True Blood. If you have yet to see the show, come back when you have!

Eric, Nora and Willa are making their escape from vamp camp when he instructs Willa to locate Pam and not allow her to drink any of the poisoned Tru Blood. Nora is dying from Hep-V. He leaves the camp with Nora and himself hiding underneath a delivery truck. He takes her to Bill’s for healing, but she doesn’t want any of LilLith’s blood.

Sarah goes to the governor’s house to find that his head has been severed. She calls in the Senator to discuss the takeover of the office without anyone having to know. She plans on picking right up where Governor Burrell left off.

Sookie and Warlow wake up together in the daylight and he thinks that because they had sex, she should marry him. Sookie hears Arlene crying over Terry in the cemetery and leaves Warlow there. Sookie convinces Arlene that she needs to tell the kids what happened to their father.

Now that Sam knows about Terry’s death, he tells Nicole to leave town but says that he has to go back. Arlene goes to tell the kids about Terry’s death and she attacks Lafayette over whatever is in the safety deposit box. He decides to take Sookie to find out the contents of the box. As it turns out, it’s a life insurance policy issued three days ago for two million dollars.

Jackson tries to convince Alcide that the pack life isn’t for either of them. Meanwhile, Jason gets the vampire wouldn’t rape Jessica for her to thank him. He brings the guy to her and she ends up having sex with him in the conference room.

Eric finally gets Bill to give Nora some of his blood, but it doesn’t appear to be working. Eric begs Bill to get Warlow to see if his blood will help her. Bill leaves to offer his condolences to Arlene and Andy for their losses. He asks Sookie to turn over Warlow or her friends will die.

Pam bribes her therapist with sex and/or deep therapy about her sexuality in order to get into the general population. Sarah tells Jason that the governor is dead and they throw him in with the general population of vamps. Tara tries to protect him, but that other vamp claims him as hers.

Alcide tells the pack that Sam and the girl are dead and that he returned Emma to Martha. Rikki says that she would believe him if he weren’t lying through his teeth. She has Nicole and her mother brought out.

Meanwhile, Eric prays to Godric to give Nora another chance. She tells Eric that it was he who gave her the chance because he saw something in her. Then, we see a flashback scene from the 1700’s in London when Eric saved Nora by taking her to Godric. Nora dies in Eric’s arms and turns into a pile of bloody goo.

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