True Blood Recap: Life Matters

True Blood Recap: Life Matters

On Sunday night was an all new episode of the hit HBO show True Blood titled Life Matters. Here, we recap the show just in case you’ve missed it. If you’ve missed Dead Meat from last week, check out our detailed recap.



Sookie nurses Warlow back to health with her own blood while Bill watches. Bill wants Warlow, but Sookie blasts him back to the human world with her light. Warlow heals her injury so that she can go to Terry’s funeral.


Eric has Warlow’s blood in his veins, so he goes to the vamp camp in order to free his progeny. He tears all of the guards limb from limb with Bill hot on his tail. He frees the vamps at the camp and tells them to go forth and kill the humans. He finds Jason in one of the rooms and heals him with his blood. As Jason shows Eric around, they pass Sarah Newlin, who buried herself under some dead bodies. Eric finds Pam’s therapist and tells him he’s going to let her kill him because she earned it. Going through the camp, Eric comes upon Ginger. Bill is looking for the room where the vampires are going to meet the sun and Sarah is making her way to the top of a circular building. While she opens the ceiling hatch, we see the vampires feasting off of Bill in order to get some blood to day walk. Eric walks in and won’t allow Steve Newlin to have any blood. Steve looks up to see Sarah and shouts, “I love you…..Jason Stackhouse!!” before he turns into a pile of blood.


It’s time for Terry’s funeral and his favorite preacher is there to officiate. At the funeral, Andy reminisces about hanging out at Fort Bellefleur with Terry. Sam talks about meeting Terry and how he shared some time fishing with him and Andy. Terry caught a fish and threw it back because “every life matters”. Sookie takes the podium to tell everyone how Terry loved Arlene from the moment she walked into his life.


Outside of the vamp camp, Jason threatens to kill Sarah with a gun. He comes to grips with the reality of what he’s doing and let’s her go.

Meanwhile, outside of the camp, all of the vampires are destroying the remaining bottles of Tru Blood. In Honolulu, a shipment of the tainted Tru Blood is destroyed, as well. In the camp, Bill is seeing Lillith along with some other vampires and they’re telling him that his time on earth is over. He says that he’s not going anywhere.

James feeds Bill and he emerges from the circular room. The vamps take the party to Bill and Jessica’s place.

In the end, it’s Pam and Eric standing in the sun and she tells him not to leave her. He flies away and we’re left wondering if he’s going to die the true death.

What did you think of the episode?

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