True Blood Recap: Love Is To Die

True Blood Recap: Love Is To Die

The penultimate episode of “True Blood” aired Sunday night on HBO, titled “To Love Is To Die” and this episode was mostly about growth and setting things right for some of the characters.


Sam left the small town of Bon Temps in order to live with Nicole and their child. He wrote a lengthy note to Sookie to explain himself and also left a resignation letter for Andy.


Hoyt and Brigette broke up because of Hoyt’s obvious feelings for Jessica. Jessica told him all about their past together and how she wasn’t ready for what he wanted — but now she is. While they’re getting it on, Jason explains the story to Brigette and sweet talks his way into getting her on the soonest flight to Alaska. Jason learns how to lay in bed with a woman and not have sex with her. Interesting.


Bill won’t take the cure for Hep-V because he knows that while he is alive, Sookie can’t move on. He wants the true death in order to set Sookie free. Bill explains this to Eric, but has to explain it to Sookie.


Eric finally gives in to everything that Ginger has ever fantasized about having sex with him. Funnily enough, the encounter lasts a whole 30 seconds with the Viking and she falls off of him satisfied. Bored, he checks on Sarah to learn that Gus Jr. and his crew have gotten Pam bound with silver in the basement. Gus Jr. wants Sookie’s location because she knows about the cure.

Next week is the series finale of the show — are you excited to learn how it will all end for our favorite characters? Let us know in the comments what you think is going to go down in Bon Temps when the series finale titled “Thank You” airs this coming Sunday.

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