True Blood Recap: ‘One Last Time’

True Blood Recap: 'One Last Time'

Last night’s episode of “True Blood” opened with Eric Northman and his progeny Pam making a deal with Mr. Gus to form a new product called “New Blood” from Sarah Newlin’s synthesized blood. Now all they have to do is locate her and extract some samples. Her sister Amber didn’t make it easy and was convinced that “Noomi” was a different, better person. Eric didn’t have time for all of that, so he staked her.

Hoyt Fortenberry returns to town with his new girlfriend in tow. He seeks out Officer Stackhouse in order to identify his mother’s body. Jason can’t seem to keep his eyes off of Hoyt’s girl — which is what caused their problems in the first place. Jason lies to Hoyt about his mother being one of the good guys and they all group hug — making things awkward for Jason.

Meanwhile, Sarah is getting visions of her exes coming to tell her that she is going to die tonight. Jason, Steve Newlin and the guru are all talking to her about death while she tries to seek sanctuary at the Fellowship of the Sun’s training camp.

Sookie offers her help to Bill and seeks the assistance of Dr. Ludvig. Her demeanor hasn’t changed one bit, but as soon as she learns that Sookie’s fae part is of the Brigant lineage, she beats it out of there super fast. Sookie seeks Niall’s help, but he offers her only the miracle of seeing Bill’s wife give birth. She promptly asks “Can you go now?”

Arlene is having some wicked dreams about her savior Keith. Of course that’s because she received his blood while still at Fangtasia and near death. At the end of the episode, Arlene admits to Keith that she is Hep-V positive and he is happy to just dance with her.

Defeated, Sookie runs to Bill’s house and offers to stay with him until the end. They end up having sex and it’s just like old times.

Sam is contemplating leaving Bon Temps in order to be with Nicole and their baby, but is not yet sure about whether or not he can leave the town.

Adilyn and Wade are at Violet’s house where she leaves them with a bunch of sex toys. They aren’t interested in any of that for their first time and finally consummate their relationship. Afterward, Violet comes in, throws Wade to the floor and restrains Adilyn. She obviously wants her fairy blood, but more importantly, to lure Jessica to where she is to get revenge for Jessica’s hookup with Jason.

Only three more episodes left of the series!

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