True Blood Recap: Radioactive 8/18/13 – Season Finale Episode

True Blood Recap: Radioactive 8/18/13 - Season Finale Episode

Tonight on HBO is an all new episode of the hit vampire drama True Blood, titled Radioactive. If you’ve missed the preview, check it out here. You can also read last week’s episode recap here.

It’s the season finale of the show and we’re recapping it live right here for your enjoyment.


The vampires are out enjoying the daylight while Bill laments being with Sookie. They are all playing volleyball together while Violet and Jason are being lovey-dovey.

Sookie tells Warlow that she wants to have dates together. She wants to share some time together before committing to him to see how they mesh. He slaps her down.

Bill tells Jessica that Sookie is going to be made vampire and that he doesn’t feel Lillith anymore. He’s back to normal and doesn’t have his powers.

Bill takes Takahashi to the middle of a park and glamours him into taking a bag full of money and going back home. He tells Takahashi to forget that he’s ever met him or any of the other people he met these past few weeks.

Jason takes Violet to Andy’s house to get Adalyn’s house in order to use her light to get to Sookie. In the fairy plane, he bites her after tying her hands together. Bill, Violet, Andy, Jason and Adalyn are all taken to the fairy plane so they can grab Sookie. They leave with her and take her home.

They all come back to the regular plane and Warlow takes Bill back with him. Jason ends up staking Warlow after Niall grabs him. Just then, all of Bill’s blood wears off and the vampires in the daylight are feeling the burn. In the sun, Eric is basking naked when he burns.

Six months later, Bill is talking about the book he wrote about being a vampire god. Alcide walks in and grabs her up and takes her into another room. Apparently they are dating now.

Sookie and Alcide go to church together for a blood test to see if they’re carriers (?) Sam has taken the pulpit at the church after it was announced that he’s the mayor. Arlene bought Merlotte’s and they’re having a get together there. He wants the uninfected humans to have a monogamous feeding relationship with the vampires for their protection from the infected vampires.

Tara’s mother offers to let her feed from her because she barely fed her when she was much younger. Meanwhile, Jessica goes to see Adalyn and Andy to offer them protection. Instead of allowing her inside to protect them, he shuts the door in her face.

Bill offers Sookie his protection, but she declines. Meanwhile, some infected vampires are coming to crash the party.

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