True Blood Recap: Season 5 Episode 11 ‘Sunset’

True Blood Recap: Season 5 Episode 11 'Sunset'

On Sunday, was an all new episode of HBO’s hit vampire drama “True Blood” titled “Gone Gone Gone”. Things are going haywire in Bon Temps with the vamps blowing up the Tru Blood factories and it’s every human for himself. In case you’ve missed the show, you can read our full and detailed recap here.

The vampire Authority want to strengthen their numbers and have instituted a rule that every vampire has to create at least thirty new baby vamps by the end of the year. Meanwhile, Bill has gone crazy with power and he and Nora try to bring Eric over to the dark side.

Hoyt met up with Jason and Jessica to tell them that he’s leaving Bon Temps for Alaska. He asked his former girlfriend to glamour him into not knowing either of them so that he can have a fresh start in his new job and city. Sam and Luna are on Operation Rescue Emma and Sookie has learned that she was promised to a vampire named Worlow hundreds of years prior to her birth.

Read the full official recap of True Blood season five episode eleven, titled “Sunset” here.

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