True Blood Recap: Season 7 Episode 3: ‘Fire In The Hole’

True Blood Recap: Season 7 Episode 3: 'Fire In The Hole'

An all new episode of the hit vampire show “True Blood” aired Sunday night at 9PM EST on HBO, titled “Fire In The Hole”. Please feel free to turn back now if you have yet to see Sunday’s episode because this post contains obvious spoilers for what went on. The recap is after the jump!

A few major things happened on last night’s episode of the show. Sookie was fulfilling her destiny as “vampire bait” as Bill once referred to her. She sat in a field awaiting the infected vampires while Bill looked on, watching and waiting. Meanwhile, she is opening up to Bill about how she can tell that Alcide loves her way more than she loves him.

True Blood Recap: Season 7 Episode 3: 'Fire In The Hole'

After cutting her arm to enhance the smell of her blood, the vampires came, but so did the hillbilly mob that was hunting them and one of them ended up shooting Alcide right in the head. Also a victim of tonight’s episode was Maxine Fortenberry…they should’ve never given that woman a gun. It was then that we got a glimpse of one of her ancestors taking photos of the Compton family from back in the Civil War days.

True Blood Recap: Season 7 Episode 3: 'Fire In The Hole'

Now that Pam has found Eric, she has also found that he has absolutely no will to live. He isn’t even moved to learn that Pam’s progeny Tara has met the true death. That is, until he learns that Sarah Newlin was let go free by Jason Stackhouse. Prior to that, we were treated to Eric making a choice between his lover Sylvie and his progeny Pam back in France in 1986. After telling Nan Flanagan where to go, she sent in her Authority goons to make a point with regard to mainstreaming and to teach him a lesson. They kill Sylvie after Eric chooses to let Pam live and the rest is history.

We must take some time for commentary on Alcide’s weird and terrible death. What on earth were the writers thinking to take out Alcide without any pomp and circumstance. Way to handle the death of a major character with such nonchalance that we were wondering why he had any role at all this season. Yes, we get it — they are wrapping up this season, but the way they killed off Alcide was just undeserving and not true to his character whatsoever. In fact, we weren’t too pleased with how they killed off Tara, either.

While we’re ranting, why are we revisiting Sarah Newlin at all? We see that she is once again trying to sleep with a somewhat powerful man in her life. She has dyed her hair red and is hooking up with her guru. That was all well and good until the Japanese samurai-wielding ninjas come to Los Angeles looking for her and kill her guru.

True Blood Recap: Season 7 Episode 3: 'Fire In The Hole'

James and Lafayette were busy getting high together when James thinks that Laffy overdosed on drugs. Could there be something there between these two? It’s only a matter of time, right?

Is the show turning into “Game Of Thrones” with how they are taking out all of the major characters? What did you think of Sunday’s episode?

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