True Blood Recap: Season 7 Episode 6: ‘Karma’

True Blood Recap: Season 7 Episode 6: 'Karma'

On HBO Sunday night at 9pm EST, an all new episode of the hit vampire show “True Blood” aired, titled “Karma”. This episode picked right up where last week’s episode ended with Eric Northman killing off some Yakuza hit men and trying to kill Sarah Newlin. Eric and his progeny Pam ended up in the Yakuza stronghold with the threat of dawn hanging over their heads for Sarah’s location. It appears the head of the Tru Blood people (ie: Yakuza) wants Sarah’s head on a platter for infecting their product and putting them out of business.

Little does anyone know, but Sarah is actually the cure for the Hep-V virus. It’ll probably be too late for Bill Compton because he got infected by Sookie and the virus is rapidly coursing through his veins.

After Jason’s hookup with Jessica, Violet breaks up with him after learning that he left her during the day to attend to Jessica. Violet tries to get her revenge by helping Adilyn hook up with her soon-to-be step-brother Wade in the privacy of her home.

Nicole tells Sam that she is leaving Bon Temps for good and urges him to go with her. He doesn’t want to because Bon Temps is his home, but she gives him 24 hours to think about it.

Lafayette takes Lettie Mae back to his place after Sookie’s party, only to find James already there. Lafayette tells Lettie Mae not to do anything to James, but James offers up his blood willingly to her. Lafayette agrees to go on this trip with his aunt to see what she sees. They are tripping on V when Tara leads them to her old house where she begins to dig. The reverend shows up at Lafayette’s and brings them out of it before they can learn what Tara is trying to tell them. He gives Lettie Mae an ultimatum and it’s probably not going to go his way.


Sarah Newlin actually drank the cure for Hep-V, but will she live long enough to serve it up to anyone else but her sister Amber?

Will Violet’s revenge on Jason and Jessica cause her to try and drink Adilyn dry?

Will Bill be able to survive long enough to bequeath his estate to his progeny?

Eric and Pam will learn that Sarah is the key to curing the Hep-V disease, but will they allow her to live after Eric feeds from her? Perhaps the Yakuza will make an announcement that all Hep-V infected vampires should come to feed on Sarah as her penance for infecting all of them?

What do you think will happen as the show is drawing to its inevitable conclusion?

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