True Blood Renewed For Season 7 By HBO

True Blood Renewed For Season 7 By HBO

HBO has announced that they have decided to renew the popular vampire series True Blood for a seventh season. They have yet to reveal any specific titles for the episodes or any spoilers for the show, but said that the show is being picked up for another season after the current one is completed.

The show stars Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse, Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton and Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman. The seventh season will make its premiere in the summer of 2014 with its second season under showrunner Brian Buckner.

The Hollywood Reporter states:

“True Blood remains a signature show for HBO, and a true phenomenon with our viewers,” said HBO programming president Michael Lombardo in making the announcement. “Thanks to Brian Buckner and his talented team, the show continues to be a thrill ride like nothing else on TV.”

Have you been watching the show’s sixth season? If not, you can get up to date with all of our fully detailed recaps here. Sunday’s recap for F*** The Pain Away is here and you can get some spoilers for next Sunday’s episode here.

If you’ve been watching, tell us what you think is going to happen on next week’s show. Will Terry actually let his pal kill him? Will any of the rest of Andy’s daughters survive Jessica’s attack? Will Lafayette be stopped before he kills Sookie? Lastly, will any of the captured vampires be released from vamp camp? Share your thoughts below and as always, stay tuned for our live recaps right here at Earsucker.

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