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True Blood Review: Did Eric Northman Meet The True Death?

True Blood Review: Did Eric Northman Meet The True Death?

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Sunday night’s season finale episode of True Blood. If you do not wish to be spoiled, return when you have seen Radioactive.


When we’d heard that we would be seeing “a lot” of Eric Northman on Sunday’s episode of True Blood, we weren’t sure if that meant that the episode centered around our favorite vampire. Apparently that wasn’t the case, but we really did get to see a lot of Alexander Skarsgard in the scene where he’s in Sweden basking in the sun reading a book. When Warlow is staked by Niall, his blood wears off and the vampires have to go to ground. Pam leaves to locate Eric prior to that, but there’s no telling if she made it there in time — or if she even knew where to find her maker.

Either way, the Eric scene in Sweden is so typically him. He’s been a vampire for a thousand years and hasn’t seen the sun in a very long time – so naturally, he would want to work on his tan.

We are hoping that this isn’t the end of Eric Northman. He caught on fire and stood up in his birthday suit. Was that the end of Eric? Or will Pam be quick enough to save him? Let’s hope that the producers of the show don’t ruin it with his true death. Fans will be outraged at the thought! What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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