True Blood Review: F— The Pain Away

True Blood Review: F--- The Pain Away

Have you seen the latest episode of True Blood titled, F*** The Pain Away? If not, we have a fully detailed review right here for your viewing pleasure.

We’ve already learned last week that Ben is actually Warlow. Sookie confirms his identity when she invites him over and holds her fairy ball over his head. He tries to convince Sookie that her parents were trying to kill her on the night they died and he saved her.

After Jessica has gotten herself high on fairy blood, she tries to sex up Bill. He tells her to sleep it off and makes his way to Sookie’s. As it turns out, he’s actually there for Ben/Warlow. Warlow tells him to leave before he kills Bill. Bill says to him, “As your maker, I command you to come with me.”

In order to save Pam, Eric and Tara turn themselves over to the vampire police. Meanwhile, Sarah is trying to convince the Governor that they are a team and they should have a baby together. He wants to take Willa to the camp, but she is telling him to forget about her and that she’s gone forever.

While Andy is trying to save his daughters, Bill tells Warlow that he drank Lilith’s blood and that’s how he can command him. Feeling rejected from the Governor, Sarah visits Jason. She tells him that God wants her to have sex with him, so naturally, they do.

Meanwhile, Andy has taken one of his daughters to the station to feed her some V from one of the evidence bags. Distraught, Jessica goes to Jason’s for comfort after feeding on Andy’s daughters. Little does she know that Sarah is still in his bed. Sarah comes out to confront Jessica and Jess grabs her on the counter. She tells Sarah that Jason has had her blood and was probably thinking about her when he was sexing up on Sarah.

Sarah rescinds Jessica’s invitation to Jason’s house and she is taken away by the vampire cops. She is miffed at Jason for defiling her body with his “vampire loving pecker.”

At the camp, Eric finds himself in a room with three other vampires. They all stand on red X’s on the floor. It’s a game where balls fall from the ceiling and the vamp who doesn’t catch one gets shot. After a door opens with guns, Eric grabs one and shoots the remaining vampire. Afterward, he is taken to the general population of vampires in prison where he announces his search for Pam.

In the therapy area, Pam is informed by a therapist that they are there to be studied. He also tells her that if she doesn’t want to be studied, there are guns pointed at her right now. Pam decides to cooperate with her therapist after he offers her up a human donor.

Sookie enlists the help of Lafayette to learn the truth about Warlow. Meanwhile, Terry tries to get his friend Justin to shoot him because of him killing Patrick. Justin agrees to kill him, but doesn’t want to take his money. Terry just asks for a few days so that he can get his affairs in order.

At Andy’s, he tells Holly that his only living daughter said that Jessica attacked them. The daughter also told him that Bill was taking their blood for some kind of experimentation. He wants to go over to Bill’s with a shotgun and take him out, but Holly convinces him that he will lose.

In therapy, Pam tells the therapist about her bond with Eric and how he released her. She tells him that she feels nothing. He doesn’t believe that she feels nothing for her maker.

Jason calls Sookie to tell her that he feels like he messed up with Jessica and wants to make everything right. At Sookie’s, Lafayette is summoning her parents Corbitt and Michelle Stackhouse. When she touches his hand, we learn that it was Warlow who told her parents how special she is. He wanted to make her a princess and was already promised her hand by John Stackhouse. To prevent Warlow from doing anything to her, her father stuffs her in the trunk and says he’s going to end it all that night. The ghost of Corbitt jumps into Lafayette’s body and puts Sookie in a trunk of his car.

At Bill’s lab, Warlow has attacked the doctor who is trying to formulate the new blood. He wishes vampires extinction, but Bill asks him to spare the doctor.

At the vamp camp, the Governor has gotten to confront Eric for turning Willa into a vampire. As it turns out, Steve Newlin provided the information on who Eric’s progeny was. As Eric grabs a stake from a door that has just opened, he tells the Governor to give him something to kill. Another door opens up and reveals Pam is standing there. The therapist instructs for Pam to show them how little he means to them.

Lafayette (as Sookie’s father) takes her to a pond to drown her…all the while she is begging him to stop.

What did you think of Sunday’s episode of True Blood?

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