True Blood Review: Season 5 Episode 4 ‘We’ll Meet Again’

True Blood Review: Season 5 Episode 4 'We'll Meet Again'

Last night, we saw a lot of emotion on HBO’s hit vampire drama, “True Blood”. In episode four of the fifth season, titled, “We’ll Meet Again”, the show started off with Pam rushing to her progeny Tara’s rescue. Tara obviously wanted to “curl up and fry”, but Pam got there in the nick of time and commanded her to never try that again. In case you’ve missed this episode, we’ve recapped it at this link in full detail.

Bill and Eric commence their search for Russell Edgington and Eric says that only four people knew of his fate. So, he clears out Fangtasia and confronts Pam over it. She is livid at the accusation and tells him that if he doesn’t trust her, he should just release her. Alas, Pam is found to be not guilty. So basically that would leave Alcide, wouldn’t it?

Sookie confesses to Jason that she murdered Debbie Pelt, but he wants no part of this information. She also confesses to having Pam turn Tara in order to save her life.

Later, at the police station, Judge Clements comes in and offers to take Andy and Jason out for a night of fun. At night, he picks Andy and Jason up in a limo and the girls blindfold them. Their destination? Fairy Land! At this club, it’s obviously invitation only and it’s full of fairies, including Morella (Andy’s field sex partner) and Hadley (Jason’s cousin and Queen Sophie-Anne’s former girlfriend). Hadley tells Jason that his parents were killed by vampires and urges him to get Sookie there. She said too much and was carted off somewhere. After Jason gives chase, he and Andy are booted back to our world. (Is it the future? In Fairyland, it may feel like ten minutes, but isn’t it like months in our time?)

Lafayette is livid about Sookie telling Alcide about what really happened to Debbie Pelt. So he channels his inner brujo demon and scratches her car’s hood and hexes the brakes and gas pedal. This causes Sookie’s car to get out of control and crash, but not before she’s able to bail.

At Sookie’s place, she’s getting drunk on whatever she has in the house. She gets a visit from Alcide, who tells her that he had to tell the Pelts ‘something’. So basically, he told them that Debbie was killed by Marcus Bozeman and that he killed him with his own bare hands. Sookie is thankful that she’s off the hook and proceeds to make out with him. It’s about time!

Meanwhile, at the station, Andy tells Jason that they have packed up and have left their hotel. They’re on their way back to Mississippi, fully satisfied with the details of Debbie’s death. Andy wants to investigate, but Jessica comes in and glamours him into putting the case out of his mind altogether.

Terry and Patrick go in search of Private Eller for information on all of the fires. On the way, Terry has a flashback of the Fourth of July during the war and it appears that Eller has laid to waste a lot of the civilians in what appears to be a bloodbath. When they enter his property, they are greeted by him at gunpoint.

Eric releases Pam in an emotional scene. He’s happy that their blood line will go on, even if he doesn’t. In the meantime, while searching for a bug, Bill tells Jessica that he’s done well with her as his progeny. Aww, it feels like Maker’s Day all over again.

At the Authority, Roman stakes Chancellor Drew with the “Judas Tree” after he gets ratted out by Nora in order to save Eric. As it turns out, he’s the traitor Sanguinista that they were looking for.

What did you think of this episode of the show? Are you shocked that Sookie is hooking up with Alcide?

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