‘True Blood’ Season 4 Episode 1 Recap & Spoilers 6/26/11

'True Blood' Season 4 Episode 1 Recap & Spoilers 6/26/11

True Blood makes its return tonight on HBO!

It’s the fourth season of the vampire drama and we’ll get to see what Alan Ball has in store for us. If you’ve seen the eight minute beginning to season four’s first episode, then you know that Sookie Stackhouse visits the land of the fairies, but isn’t trapped there after being offered and denying the light fruit. She sees her grandfather, who’s also there, but he can’t return to the normal world with her, because he’s eaten the fruit. As it turns out, the land of the fairies isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Spoilers we’ve learned ahead of time:

Bill Compton has been charged with PR since Russell Edgington has soured the world on vampires.
Eric Northman gets amnesia after being cursed by witches.
Arlene has Rene’s creepy baby and Terry becomes Mr. Mom.
Jason gets some responsibility in taking care of a village of people in Hotshot.
Lafayette explores witchcraft with Jesus.
Jessica cheats on Hoyt by feeding off of another man at Fangtasia.

Stay tuned to this space as we recap the show LIVE! Waiting won’t suck anymore tonight!

The season premiere:

Sookie is brought to the fairy land where she finds her grandfather, Earl, along with Barry the bell boy. She escapes after the fairy in charge tries to seal off the fairy world from the real world. Her grandfather grabs her arm, taking her back into the human world. Earl is dying in the real world, but had to make sure she went home.

Sookie returns home to find that people are moving things around in her house. The movers call the cops and her brother Jason showed up. As it turns out, she was gone in fairy land for twelve months. Jason sold her old house and he was very surprised to see her.

Bill rushed to see Sookie after feeling her presence. Eric shows up to see Sookie and he and Bill start bickering. He said that he never gave up on her, even though everyone else did. Andy showed up to yell at Sookie for leaving without telling anyone and apparently he’s the one who’s been using V.

Lafayette and Jesus venture off to Marnie’s coven, where she is sitting and chanting herself into another plane. She channeled Eddie, who had a rose for Lafayette. Cut to Mikey, the demon child, with Arlene and Terry. Mikey was decapitating Barbie dolls, and Terry thinks it’s perfectly normal behavior.

In New Orleans, Tara is beating the crap out of some chick in a UFC setting. Back in Bon Temps, we cut to Jessica and Hoyt at their new place. They’re already fighting, over the fact that he eats and she doesn’t.

Pam is trying her hand at doing a public service announcement for trying to win back the human public. Eric takes over after Pam fails and sells the public on vampires not hurting humans. Bill is also on the PR trail, and is paying homage to his wife, Caroline.

Tara is now a lesbian, who knew?!?

Andy is hitting up Lafayette for some V, and Jason has become the voice of reason. WTF, Bon Temps?!??? Tommy has come into Merlotte’s with Hoyt’s mother and this is something straight out of the Twilight Zone. Weirdness. Is he Hoyt’s mom’s new son?!? Has she replaced Hoyt after he took a shot at Jessica?

Hoyt and Jessica are hanging out at Fangtasia, when he gets some drinks, she gets hit on by another guy. Pam confronts Jessica in the bathroom, after finding her living arrangements ridiculous.

Sam has met up with a bunch of shapeshifters and after sharing some wine, they all turn into horses. Jason has learned some responsibility after taking care of the inbred families in Hotshot. The kids locked Jason in a freezer after hitting him over the head.

Marnie has brought the coven together to mourn the passing of her familiar, Minerva. She changed the chant to restore life to Minerva and has Lafayette join hands in the seance. She starts speaking in tongues, bringing life back to the bird.

Bill has been promoted to being King, complete with guards and everything. How on Earth did that happen?!??

Apparently Eric purchased the house while Sookie was away. So when she was there changing clothes, he appeared there to catch them and she shed them. She wondered how he could come into the house after she rescinded his invitation, but as he now owns the place, he doesn’t need permission to enter.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode recap!

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