True Blood Season 4 Episode 6 Recap – ‘I Wish I Was The Moon’

True Blood Season 4 Episode 6 Recap - 'I Wish I Was The Moon'

****Spoiler Alert****

On last night’s episode of True Blood, Bill proved that he has a heart, Jason didn’t change into a werepanther and Eric and Sookie hook up!

Bill petitioned Nan Flanagan to give Eric the true death, but set him free when he gave his final request. Eric said, “Tell Sookie I was born the night she found me, because of her I went to my true death knowing what it means to love. Tell her, ‘thank you.'”

Awwww…This is when Bill proves that he really cares for Sookie and lets Eric go. Pam gets freed, as well, and threatens Tara and Naomi.

Marnie is proving to be a force to be reckoned with, as she’s possessed by the witch, Antonia. She controls that vampire who raped her in the 16th century.

Jessica runs after Jason after sensing his fear. Meanwhile, Sookie is looking for Jason, when she comes upon Debbie and Alcide, in the woods. She questions them about if were-whatevers can be bitten to be turned. They say no and weres have to be born. She thanks them and goes about her business.

Jessica and Jason have a cute meeting in the woods. She tells him that she was scared when she was made and no one should have to go through that alone. When he realizes that he won’t change, he says he’s not special. She said, “Look at you. How can you not think you are special?” Awww.

Sam is off at Arlene and Terry’s house, because their house burned down. (Crazy baby!) So he asks his brother Tommy to handle things at Merlotte’s for him. Tommy actually skinwalks as Sam, and goes into the bar. He talks to Maxine Fortenberry, who says that Tommy is pretty much good for nothing.

He fires Sookie and tells her to GTFO. Then, Sam’s girlfriend, Luna, comes to Sam’s trailer for some late night lovin’. She said it was weird, like they had just met. Then, he rudely kicks her out, because he’s sensing that he’s going to change back into himself. Cue vomit. Ugh.

Debbie tries to convince Alcide into joining the new pack, and they go for a run with them. We still don’t trust Debbie and think she’s a conniving little wench.

Eric finds Sookie in the woods after being let go and they hook up — right there. If she thought the mosquitos were bad before, laying down in the dirt naked is just going to make that worse. Eric doesn’t want his memory back and doesn’t like the vampire that he’s become.

Andy asks Holly out after she asks him to help her move a chair. Andy’s got some muscles, who knew? She reluctantly says yes and they set a date for dinner at Merlotte’s. Nice.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Are you happy that Eric and Sookie have finally hooked up. When are we going to get that shower scene? What was your favorite part??

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