True Blood Season 4 Episode 7 ‘Cold Grey Light Of Dawn’ Recap

True Blood Season 4 Episode 7 ‘Cold Grey Light Of Dawn’ Recap

When we last watched True Blood, Eric and Sookie finally hooked up and King Bill showed Eric some compassion out of his love for Sookie. Jason didn’t change and Jessica left after trying to come to his rescue. Read the full recap here.

This week, Marnie is possessed by Antonia and has Luis kill Katarina for treason…but only after she clears the back gate from guards.

Pam starts kicking the crap out of Tara and Naomi, but is stopped when some tourists start taking her picture, calling her a zombie. She threatens to come back and “shred her like confetti”.

Jesus and Lafayette have words with his grandfather and tell him that Luca came there to protect them through Lafayette, because he’s a medium.

Debbie and Alcide are initiated into the Shreveport pack, but he’s still feeling bad for leaving Sookie in the woods during a full moon. Debbie says they have ten minutes to look and they sneak up on Sookie and Eric in the woods.

Luis gives Bill a message from Antonia, but Bill says it’s impossible. Then he shoots Bill and drops his stake. Bill shoots back, grabs the stake and asks him what his business is with Antonia. The sheriff says “resurrection” and leans forward into the stake.

Naomi tries to convince Tara to leave Bon Temps and Tara doesn’t want to leave. She feels that Pam is going to keep coming up. Tara tells her to go because she’s barely hanging onto her own life and Pam or another vampire is going to get her. She doesn’t want to be responsible for Naomi’s death, as well. Tara makes her leave.

Hoyt comes to visit Jason because he’s concerned over Jason’s rape. Hoyt says that he doesn’t want to lose Jessica.

Bill and Jessica are talking about the threat they face with Antonia. He says that Antonia wants to make all vampires meet the sun. Bill instructs the sheriffs to tell all of their subjects to leave the state. He said that whoever stays must bind themselves to their coffins with silver.

Eric and Sookie are still going at it back at her place. He asks if she will still want him after he gets his memories back, she says she doesn’t know. She says she hopes so.

Pam went to Dr. Ludwig for a skin peel, in hopes of looking less like a zombie. She says that she can look like her old self again if she takes shots four times a day, forever.

sam is with Tommy at the hospital where the doctor says Tommy had a bout with food poisoning. She wanted him to stay overnight for observation, but Tommy says he’s fine.

Bill goes to see Sookie and she says she’s glad that he let Eric go. Bill leaves Sookie with some silver chains to keep Eric in his cubby or else it will be his last day on Earth.

Marnie approaches Tara in the woods and says that they can exact retribution on the vampires and they join forces. Back at Bill’s house, he’s having Jessica silvered so she won’t meet the sun. He tells her that she will heal.

Back at Sookie’s house, she’s silvering Eric. He asks her to stay with him. Aww. Jesus and Lafayette are having lunch, when Jesus tells him that he’s a medium who can connect with the dead. He says he is the answer.

Sam calls Luna and she’s not exactly responsive to his come-on. Sam is puzzled.

Jessica and Bill are having a heart to heart about Hoyt and doing good. He doesn’t want to answer killing with killing. Sam goes to Luna to confront her about her attitude. She asks him if he remembers sleeping with her. He says no and that he was at the apartments. It’s then that Sam realizes that Tommy is a skinwalker.

Andy shows up at Merlotte’s for his date with Holly, but has only one thing on his mind, getting his hands on some V. He stands up and tells her that he’s not feeling so good. Then, he stops, says this is a bad idea and snatches up the roses he gave her and leaves.

In the kitchen, Lafayette sees the ghost of a black lady singing to Mikey. Back at Alcide’s house, he and Debbie are going at it, when she stops and asks him if he’s in love with Sookie. He says he wants to make sure she’s okay, but that’s it.

Back at Moon Goddess Emporium, Marnie/Antonia is talking with the assembled vampire hunters. She said they can defend themselves. She tells them that vampires are not immortal and are only harder to kill.

Sam confronts Tommy, thinking that he would kill Sam for the money, the bar and the girl. He starts to strangle Tommy, telling him that he made a fool of him for the last time. Tommy struggles to tell Sam that he didn’t mean it. Sam says that he’s going to go outside for ten minutes and when he comes back, he wants Tommy gone, forever.

Marnie/Antonia is leading the witches in chanting. Jason goes over to Sookie’s house to tell her that he didn’t change into a werepanther. She has some of Eric’s blood on her, because he’s been silvered. Jason is confused, but Sookie explains that there’s a witch spell coming that’s supposed to make all vampires meet the sun.

The spell is drawing all of the silvered vampires to struggle. Jessica breaks free from her chains and pulls on the silver bars. She calls the guard and knocks him out and takes his key to unlock the cell. Jason is running to make sure she’s okay. He gets stopped by Bill’s guards and she opens the door to meet the sun.

Will Jessica die???? Thoughts?!????

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