True Blood Season 4 Episode 8 ‘Spellbound’ Preview Video

True Blood Season 4 Episode 8 'Spellbound' Preview Video

Last night’s episode of True Blood left us with some questions. We’re wondering how many vampires actually met the sun and if Jessica was one of them. Read our entire recap HERE.

Bill calls Marnie to talk over the war and tells her to meet him at the Bon Temps cemetery.

The new packmaster has gathered his wolves to discuss the war between the witches and the vampires. He said his source doesn’t know why they want a war, but they’re staying out of it.

Sookie and Eric go to Bill to tell him that they are there to fight with him. Bill tells her that this is not her battle. Eric tells Bill, “That is not our decision.”

Tara confronts Marnie/Antonia to tell her that they’re not just protecting themselves, that they’re killing vampires. Marnie says, “That is our only hope, once and for all.”


It looks like it’s going to be an epic battle at the cemetery. Still, we want to know what happens to Jessica?!?? If she has met the true death, then Bill is going to want revenge. Also, it looks like we’re going to see the shower scene that we’ve heard so much about from book four! Score!

What do you think of the preview for next week’s show??

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