True Blood Season 4 Episode 8 ‘Spellbound’ Recap 8/14/11

True Blood Season 4 Episode 8 'Spellbound' Recap 8/14/11

On last week’s episode of True Blood, we were left wondering if baby vamp Jessica Hamby was going to meet the sun — or if Jason Stackhouse was going to save her in time. Read our official recap here!

***Spoiler Alert*** Click after the jump to learn what happens on tonight’s episode of True Blood!

The show opens with Jessica walking outside and the witches are chanting. Jason tackles Jessica to the ground and shuts the door, leaving her to attack Jason. The witches stop chanting and Jessica kissed Jason for saving her life. He kisses her back! Jason carries her back to the cell and silvers her in case the necromancers start chanting again.

The packmaster is talking to the werewolf pack about the witches and the vampires and how they’re going to stay out of it.

Sam visits Luna and tells her that he kicked Tommy out of his life forever. Luna invites him in to hang out with her daughter, Emma.

Sookie yanks off the silver chains from Eric’s neck, like a bandaid. She offers him her blood, after he declines a True Blood. After he bites her, he offers her his blood and says, “We will be one”. They’re bonded!

Jessica tells Hoyt that she wants to move out and she doesn’t think it’s enough, even though she loves him. She breaks up with him and he starts blubbering. He said, “If you don’t love me then I’ll just die”. She grabs his head and busts it, killing him. She goes out to Jason’s truck where he tells her to bite him. She wakes up after discovering it was all a dream.

Andy and Jason are talking about how Beulah was a vampire and the news cameras are talking to Maxine about her death. Bill talks to the news cameras with his prepared speech about “vampire suicides”.

Sookie and Eric are in the SHOWER! Then it starts to snow in the bathroom and they’re naked in a snowstorm with a bed in the middle of a forest. They make love on the bed.

Marnie is upset that they only killed one vampire, after having Tara turn off the news. She wants to snuff them out for good. Bill calls to talk to Antonia and apologizes to her for what happened to her. He says there can be peace between them. He wants to meet with her in peace. She agrees to meet him at the cemetery at midnight.

Tommy is in Maxine’s house, taking some of her belongings. Is he going to skinwalk as her to get the money from the oil venture???

Lafayette walks into the kitchen at Merlotte’s and sees the black lady singing to baby Mikey.

Tommy as Maxine goes to see the oil guy and she looks terrible. He wants the guy to sweeten the deal, he says no…then she asks if she can get a check tonight…

Jessica goes to see Hoyt and tells him that they made a mistake moving in together. She said they’re moving too fast and they should spend some time apart. He accuses her of cheating on him and says he deserves more. He tells her to get out and rescinds his invitation.

Eric wants to stay the same with Sookie and leave Bon Temps, but she said they should stay and fight with Bill.

Lafayette has a strange dream about the black lady that he’s always seeing with Mikey. Her baby was killed by its white father and she wasn’t allowed a funeral for it. (She also has that evil looking doll!) She possesses Lafayette.

Jessica goes to see Jason and tells him that she broke up with Hoyt. She says she can’t help how she feels. He rescinds her invitation and does some pushups.

Possessed Lafayette goes to Andy’s house andd snatches up his gun. Then he goes to see Mikey, who’s in the crib next to Arlene and Terry.

Bill goes to see Antonia in the cemetery. He wants peace and says that they won’t harm her ever again. He asks her to remove the spells from Pam and Eric. Sookie reads her mind and was found to be casting a spell. Pam tries to bite Tara, but Bill forbids her. Sookie got shot and Bill was silvered. Alcide saves Sookie and we see that Debbie has followed him.

Antonia has control of Eric and he kneels before her, petting him. Stay tuned for next week’s episode!!

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