True Blood Season 4 Episode 9 Questions

True Blood Season 4 Episode 9 Questions

As always, after watching True Blood on Sunday nights, we’re left with a list of questions about the episode. Last night’s episode, Spellbound, was no different. Read our official True Blood recap of last night’s episode here and check out the trailer for next week’s episode here.

Without further ado, here’s what left us scratching our heads last night. (After the jump, as there are spoilers if you haven’t yet seen Spellbound.)

Last week they bonded over the idea of changing into a werepanther. She supported him. She saved his life with her blood and now they’re bonded. Now, they’re dreaming about each other. She dumped Hoyt and went to Jason, but will anything come of it? They’ve already kissed when he saved her life. Is there a future between Jessica and Jason? Where is she going to live? With Bill?

Speaking of Jason, will he change into a werepanther at the next cycle of the full moon? It’s still possible. Besides all of that, if he doesn’t shift into a panther, he’s got a lot of babies brewing in Hotshot. And where has Crystal been???

When Eric regains all of his memories, will Sookie still love him? Will he still love her? Will they still feel strongly for each other, only because of the blood bond that they have?

What is up with Marnie casting something on Eric, causing him to kneel before her? Was she trying to free him from the spell? Was she contemplating bringing him back from the dead? Can she?

What business did that ghost have with inhabiting Lafayette and snatching up Mikey and that evil looking doll. We get that the doll was hers, but why Mikey?

Alcide saving surely spells trouble for his relationship with Debbie. Obviously, Debbie is going to want some payback, even though Sookie wasn’t asking to be saved.

With Tommy skinwalking, no one is safe. Who’s his next victim? He’ll likely have to skinwalk as Maxine Fortenberry again in order to cash that check. Who’s next? And will Sam end up killing him because of his bad deeds?

Is Marcus going to punish Alcide for going against his wishes in meddling in the vampire/witch war?

What questions did you have for the upcoming episode? What speculation do you have for the questions we’re asking? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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